Saturday, June 28, 2008

D + 9 or I - 4...

I never thought I would be pregnant this long, but I should have known. Today I'm over a week overdue, or should I just be tracking "I" (inducement) now? Mom was induced with me when she was 3 weeks overdue - guess it just runs in the family! Hope 7 pound babies do too!

Today, my aunt, uncle and cousin are coming to visit from Aggieland. They actually live in Holland, but are visiting my cousin who is a sophomore at A&M. Hmm...what kind of spicy food do I want?

Today also is a special day for me and Ryan. 10 years ago this very day I asked him to go on our first date - we went and played putt-putt at the course in Aggieland (and had to hit more crickets and junebugs than balls), and then talked for hours in his car at Research Park. Who would have thought 10 years later we would be waiting for the arrival of our first child? What an amazing decade we have had together! Interestingly enough Ry and I started dating then, and never even broke up - we've been together since.

You are my best friend sweetie - I couldn't imagine my life without you! Thanks again for going out with me 10 years ago!! I love you!!


Ryan Dobson said...

You're welcome sweetie. I love you too! Plus... nevermind.

Amber said...

I can't believe you remember the date of your first date! Chuck and I knew eachother all through junior high and high school, and even went to a school dance together before we were actually dating. I am so happy that your relationship has been so long and wonderful too. How nice it is not to have to think about dating and drama. And to have had so much time as a couple before having a baby. I feel like we've had time to travel and do the things we wanted to do together, and it was really the right time to grow our family.