Monday, March 29, 2010

My Christmas gift...

For Christmas this past year Ryan and I exchanged 3 gifts with themes.  First was practical, and Ryan got me some gorgeous earrings (which are quite practical, a girl has to look good).  Second was indulgent, and Ryan gave me a Keurig personal coffee maker.  I love Starbucks, but only can handle about a cup a day, so this allows me to make only a cup at home.  This insert allows me to use my own coffee too!  Our third gift was helpful, and Ryan made reservations for me to go to a Knife Skills class at Central Market.  It was great!  You can read more about it on my cooking blog!  Thanks honey!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

quick takes (2nd edition)

* 1 *
Happy Birthday Nana!  Ry's mom's birthday was Monday and we went up Sunday to celebrate!  Nate has sure missed you this week!

* 2 *
Finally went bra shopping post breast-feeding!  Spent a nice evening at the outlet mall completely on myself, by myself.  Didn't even go into Carter's...

* 3 *
Had the concrete guy come out again this week.  We got him scheduled now to do our new patio next week!  yea!!  This time next week it will hopefully be done!

* 4 *
Ryan was pouring me a glass of wine for dinner this week, and Nate asked for Nana.  He was looking around for her.  I guess I don't drink enough, since Nate associates wine with her and not me!

* 5 *
My cousin closest in age to me (he's 1 month older), had a training here in Austin.  We all went out for some Texas bbq - Rudy's of course!  He loved it!

* 6 *
Nate has begun to show his appreciation to me, in some funny ways.  Both at arriving at the park and his friend Thomas' house, he let out a huge scream to let me know how excited he was.  Seriously, it was loud!

* 7 * 
Ryan is off this weekend for some fun, outdoorsy male bonding.  Have a great time, dear husband!  Return to me refreshed and ready to tackle the backyard!  I think I can handle being a single momma for the weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the garden

Last year was my first year of gardening.  By the end, it was kinda crazy.  You can see here how the tomato plants just took over!!

This year we decided to add another bed.  Ryan and his dad built it a couple weeks ago.

For the original garden we have (from left to right): cucumbers, thyme, cilantro, basil and garlic.  The new bed (in front), we have tomatoes (cherry and yellow pear), 2 rows of zucchini and one row of yellow squash.  We plan to add jalepenos in the original garden by the garlic and watermelon in the front garden.  Here are our first pictures from planting day last Friday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Duper Date night!!

Last night Ryan planned our date.  What a great job he did!!

First, we had a glass of wine at the Georgetown Winery.  Our friend Fr. Will had brought us a bottle a few months ago when he came to dinner and it was great.  We sat at the bar, talked with the owners (who remembered Fr. Will) and relaxed.

Then, a nice stroll around the Georgetown square.  It was nice and warm (unlike today) and we looked around.

Then we had dinner at a little local Italian restaurant, Tony and Luigi's.  Yummy!  We had another glass of wine and a delicious dinner, serenaded by a man doing Frank Sinatra songs.  Could it get more perfect?  Yes, we had the Barcelona chocolate cake which was delicious!!

Feel free to copy this date night - I have a feeling we will!

Friday, March 19, 2010

7 quick takes

* 1 *
I've been meaning to do this for weeks, even months.  A new friend hosts this, and it is 7 quick takes from your life this past week.  So take one, I'm actually posting (something to do at 5 am too).

* 2 *
This year for Lent I've been trying to do something different - try to add and item each week.  I think it has been very fruitful for me.  I always hear of great things others are doing, but tell myself next year you can do it.  But this year I am.  Things are getting quite busy - for some reason I have added daily tasks each week.  I think one of the best was no tv one evening which I added last week.

* 3 *
We are making progress on the garden!!  Ryan and his dad built me another bed last weekend, and last night we got some plants and seeds to get started!!  Now to start planting this weekend.

* 4 *
And we have decided on a plan for the landscaping for the rest of the backyard - more bushes, trees, etc.  It was something we were going to do when we moved it, and that has been 7 years ago!  But, we have a plan that we both agree on - and that is the best!

* 5 *
Special prayers for my father-in-law today.  He is having surgery.  Ryan went up to be with him and my mother-in-law.  Let us pray that it is successful!

* 6 *
My baby brother turned 26 yesterday!  Wow!  How does that happen?  Have a great year Ted!

* 7 * 
This is pretty fun.  A little glimpse in our lives.  Now something with Nate...I tried my hand at making finger paints this week.  Didn't work out that well.  But, there were make of sugar, water, and cornstarch, so Nate really enjoyed eating it up.  The blue beard he had was too cute!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Solemnity of St. Joseph

A friend sent me a facebook event titled "Solemnity of St. Joseph is on a Friday!  I am eating MEAT!!"  I was shocked by this event.  Meat?  Friday?  this is Lent!  What is he thinking? My friend is quite the canon scholar (he worked for the Tribunal of the Diocese and now works in Rome) and this warranted further investigation.  So, I decided to search for myself.  And luckily, the Aggie Catholics found a good article from a canon lawyer.  To sum it up St. Joseph was a very important saint, so he got a solemnity, and that trumps Friday abstinence.  

So, this Friday is date night!!  We'll have to do something special (hint, hint Ryan) to celebrate the patron saint of families!  And include a few extra prayers for his intercession for our family, since we can have meat and all...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


...polo!  Last night Ry was grilling dinner, and Nate was keeping him company.  His good buddies next door were playing in their backyard.  Nate started yelling to them, and them back.  Seriously, this lasted for like 10 minutes!  Now if I could only understand what they were saying...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow Day!!

On February 23rd a great snow storm hit Austin!  yea!!  Nate and I went out a few times, played in the snow and built a snowman.  He also played with Tessa neni and Dad showed him how to throw snowballs.  One of those balls made it back inside, and Nate enjoyed eating it.  After he was done, all we heard was "mo".  For lunch we ate on the floor by the back door and watched the snow as we had chips and queso!  What a fun day!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

20 months...

Our little boy is not just tottling around, it is a full on run!  This month included his first overnight at Nana and Papa's and he did great (mom and dad did good too).  I also tried my hand at making play-doh (and did pretty good).b  Tessa and Nate are fans.  Nate has also transitioned from his high chair to his booster seat.  I think he is enjoying sitting at the table with us.

The Olympics have been great.  Nate was sad to see football finish, but I think it was a good replacement.  Not sure what we will watch now...

We had lots of fun with the snow that came!  yea! (will post those pics separately).

chores: helping to unload dishwasher, set table (just plates), take items to the recycling, helping load and unload washer and dryer, push laundry baskets around, give Charlie a treat and sometimes feeding Charlie
new feats:  walking up and down the stairs (with some assistance), trying to do the sign of the cross, stacking his legos
spoken words: ma/mom, dada, teda, neni, nana, papa, juice, mo, football, wawa, bye bye, snow, no, charlie (cha-lee)
signed words: dad, milk, more, all done, bread, toast, banana, airplane, car, touchdown, ball, dog, cat, fish, water, please, i'm sorry, thank you, drink, light, watch

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

the Olympics...

okay, I think I'm going through withdrawal.... where is my snowboard motorcross?  ice-dancing?  downhill skiing? moguls?  sadness, it is over.  I tivo'ed almost all of it (other than curling, I can't figure that one out).  Olympics during the day, primetime and late night.  Now what?  oh the sadness... 2 years 4 months until the summer Olympics in London.

FYI, in case I win the lottery or someone wants to get me a super duper gift, I would love to go to the Olympics one day.  Maybe we will have to take a vacation to the training center in Colorado (hint hint Ryan).  My husband does know me well, though.  This is what he got me for Valentine's day!