Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow Day!!

On February 23rd a great snow storm hit Austin!  yea!!  Nate and I went out a few times, played in the snow and built a snowman.  He also played with Tessa neni and Dad showed him how to throw snowballs.  One of those balls made it back inside, and Nate enjoyed eating it.  After he was done, all we heard was "mo".  For lunch we ate on the floor by the back door and watched the snow as we had chips and queso!  What a fun day!!

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Amber said...

I love how bundled up he was! Aurora doesn't own more than a light sweater ;) Luckily, she wasn't a huge fan of the snow. We definitely could've stared out the window for hours, eating chips and queso... what a fun day!