Friday, March 19, 2010

7 quick takes

* 1 *
I've been meaning to do this for weeks, even months.  A new friend hosts this, and it is 7 quick takes from your life this past week.  So take one, I'm actually posting (something to do at 5 am too).

* 2 *
This year for Lent I've been trying to do something different - try to add and item each week.  I think it has been very fruitful for me.  I always hear of great things others are doing, but tell myself next year you can do it.  But this year I am.  Things are getting quite busy - for some reason I have added daily tasks each week.  I think one of the best was no tv one evening which I added last week.

* 3 *
We are making progress on the garden!!  Ryan and his dad built me another bed last weekend, and last night we got some plants and seeds to get started!!  Now to start planting this weekend.

* 4 *
And we have decided on a plan for the landscaping for the rest of the backyard - more bushes, trees, etc.  It was something we were going to do when we moved it, and that has been 7 years ago!  But, we have a plan that we both agree on - and that is the best!

* 5 *
Special prayers for my father-in-law today.  He is having surgery.  Ryan went up to be with him and my mother-in-law.  Let us pray that it is successful!

* 6 *
My baby brother turned 26 yesterday!  Wow!  How does that happen?  Have a great year Ted!

* 7 * 
This is pretty fun.  A little glimpse in our lives.  Now something with Nate...I tried my hand at making finger paints this week.  Didn't work out that well.  But, there were make of sugar, water, and cornstarch, so Nate really enjoyed eating it up.  The blue beard he had was too cute!!

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