Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vacation Part 1

Sorry for the hiatus on the blog...we've been on vacation!  Yes, after 10 years with his company, Ryan got a 4 week sabbatical.  We used it well, with a vacation for just me and Ry, a long driving trip, Disney World and time spent at home catching up on projects.

Part 1 - the wedding!
Ryan's high school friend Darrell and his bride Gwenn got married in upper Michigan.  We flew up there and had 4 nights away from Nate (and he had a great vacay with Nana and Papa).  Unfortunately, it was really rainy and windy, but we still had a fun time with our friends.  In addition to being lectors, I was able to put my event planner hat and help with some last minute wedding planner duties!