Monday, June 30, 2008

D + 11 or I - 2...

Okay, is this getting a little ridiculous? Sorry for my "late" posting this morning, I actually slept in. Maybe Pumpkin knows something I don' least we know that in 48 hours I will be in labor...

The massage was great yesterday - for all the pregnant and post-natal momma's out there, I would highly recommend it! Awesome! Then Ry took me out for Hawaiian snow cones! yum! Then some walking too! We ended the evening with a nice, romantic dinner at Chee Zee and my super husband shared a sugar-free dessert with me!

Today we are going to the doc again this afternoon. I will pack my hospital bag and hopefully be able to use it!

Here are some pics also from this past week!

41 weeks

us (me, Ry, my brother and sister) with our grandparents

me and my little brother Stephen

Sunday, June 29, 2008

D + 10 or I - 3...

Good morning! Pumpkin was sweet to let momma sleep in today! yea! If I could only get out of that is getting much harder!

Had fun yesterday with my mom and brother, and my family who visited from Holland (via College Station). All they wanted was Tex-Mex - so Chuy's it was! It's funny, whenever they come to visit that's what they want, and that's where we go. At least I varied it this time by going to a different location...

We also got a great blessing from our deacon yesterday at Mass...pumpkin is now all blessed and he did a special blessing the delivery and us as a couple. What peace! I just love being Catholic!!

My activity today is my pre-natal massage! I just *love* them! Ry gave me a monthly massage to one at a local center a year and a half ago, and it is wonderful. If you go, ask for Katie or Trinity - they are the best!!

My aunt, uncle and cousin went back last night to Aggieland. Today mom and Stephen are going there too to spend a couple days with my sister. A few days of an empty house will be nice... but hopefully we will not be spending it here :-)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

D + 9 or I - 4...

I never thought I would be pregnant this long, but I should have known. Today I'm over a week overdue, or should I just be tracking "I" (inducement) now? Mom was induced with me when she was 3 weeks overdue - guess it just runs in the family! Hope 7 pound babies do too!

Today, my aunt, uncle and cousin are coming to visit from Aggieland. They actually live in Holland, but are visiting my cousin who is a sophomore at A&M. Hmm...what kind of spicy food do I want?

Today also is a special day for me and Ryan. 10 years ago this very day I asked him to go on our first date - we went and played putt-putt at the course in Aggieland (and had to hit more crickets and junebugs than balls), and then talked for hours in his car at Research Park. Who would have thought 10 years later we would be waiting for the arrival of our first child? What an amazing decade we have had together! Interestingly enough Ry and I started dating then, and never even broke up - we've been together since.

You are my best friend sweetie - I couldn't imagine my life without you! Thanks again for going out with me 10 years ago!! I love you!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

D + 8...

Well, need to take that 41 week pregnancy to keep the records accurate!

Two-thirds of my guests have now left...kinda sad but now back to relaxing! Did do some walking yesterday (Ikea, Bath and Body Works, Babies R Us, Bed, Bath and Beyond...) and the lady at Babies R Us kept telling me that the baby could come any time, even right now. I told her that was fine with me!

Not much going on today, probably just going to tidy the house, plan the baptism party, and get a few things organized. I did find an interesting study for those of y'all with kids of walking age... A $100 Visa gift card sounds good for 1 1/2 hours of work...
CWT Group is conducting a focus group for moms, dads and their babies (ages 9-16 months) to test a new product that helps infants and parents during the “learning to walk” phase. The focus group will host two sessions on Wednesday, July 2nd from 9:30am-11:00am and 11:30-1:00pm in central Austin. Parents will only need to attend one session. They will receive a $100 Visa gift card and product for participating. If you are interested and have a baby who pulls-up and hangs onto things to walk, or can take a step or two, e-mail Lydia at or call (512) 968-6642. To see more details, click here.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

D + 7...

Good morning. Sorry to keep my loyal readers hanging last night. With the parents, grandparents, my brother and sister in town, I had a full house! Thank God they are not all staying here!! My mom made my favorite meal, Hawaiian Ham, and we just had fun catching up last night.

Well, onto the news you really want... still pregnant! Went and saw the doc yesterday. Did an ultrasound and baby is doing well. And I'm actually up 26 pounds with this pregnancy. That's good. I'm 2 cm now, and 75% effaced. We go back again on Monday if no baby has come. My grandparents aren't too happy (they've now been in Texas almost 10 days waiting for this baby), but know that babies come at their own time. Dad is taking them back up to Ft. Worth this afternoon, and Mom and Stephen (my brother) will stay until Sunday. We will have a few days alone, and if little pumpkin has not made his/her entrance, looks like I'll be induced next Wednesday (you know, we have to work around the holiday weekend and all).

Knowing all this has given me peace of mind. At least I know by this time next week I'll be holding my baby! How amazing is that! And knowing there is an end in sight makes dealing with these pregnancy discomforts more bearable. I did tell my doc that "I've been working very hard on relaxing." He seems surprised on my answer, but said I'm doing good and now I just have to watch more movies!

Thanks again for all the comments, thoughts and prayers. Looks like this daily blog may have to continue for a few more days!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

D + 6...

Thanks for all the comments and prayers! Loaded up on the spicy food Rich! Had Tex-Mex for lunch and dinner!! My grandmother really wants to meet her newest great-grandchild, but I have a feeling that won't happen.

Had a great visit with my grandparents last night. My dad is #2 of 12 kids. When we have reunions and all, It is hard to spend time with them. It was fun hearing stories about her labors (like how she ran to catch a bus and went into labor, and that uncle is a big runner), or how she had the family vote on a name (but then didn't name the child that name). I'm looking forward to asking more questions today. They are in their mid-80's, so I don't think we will doing much walking or venturing out.

Stephen, my brother, came in last night from Chile. How great to see him! That boy never changes! Tonight my sister Tessa comes in for the night and will bring in Charlie the dog for the weekend. That will be a nice distraction too!

Guess my activity today is just spending time with them. Have an appointment with Dr. Love this afternoon, so I may update twice today...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

D + 5...

What can I say - still pregnant! Going to the doc tomorrow, so we'll see what he says! Did go walking around Ikea last night - Ry even made me go at a faster walk - I don't think I've been that fast in weeks.

Today my parents and grandparents are coming. It is also a special day - my parents 36th wedding anniversary! It makes it easy for me and Ry since our parents' anniversaries are both 30 years after ours. My mom is bringing down my grandparents this afternoon and my dad is bringing my brother Stephen (from Chile!) this evening. They don't even get to have dinner together on their anniversary!

This day is also Ry's grandfather's birthday - Happy Birthday Grandpa Mc! What a wonderful man! He's always treated me like one of his own - I've had an old sweater of his, kinda like a Mr. Rogers sweater, that I've kept at work for years. It was a nice way to remember him and all he has done for me and Ry. Looking forward to seeing them in the coming weeks too!

For my "event" for the day, I'm going down to see my friend Lisa in South Austin. She had her 3rd son, Andrew James, on Father's Day. We shared our pregnancies this time, and I'm looking forward to meeting her son. Maybe it will convince little pumpkin it's time to join the rest of us.

Well, last night I did it. I finally told Ry I think I'm ready to have this baby! He said I just look so cute and pregnant! What a nice husband! Well, everyone is on their way here now, and even my sister called to say her big test is over so I can tell pumpkin he/she can come... Everyone is giving little pumpkin advice. If he/she is anything like his momma, he/she's not going to listen...

Monday, June 23, 2008

D + 4...

Well, we did it! We went to the movies! Ry had seen Indiana Jones the weekend it came out (he's a *huge* fan), and has been wanting to take me ever since. So, we went yesterday. And had the works - movie, popcorn and coke! yea! It was an entertaining movie - campy at times, but kept your attention. My friend Rowena went into labor the day after she saw the movie, so we'll see what happens today...

Yesterday I had 2 really interesting moments. It's amazing to me to see how other people react to my pregnancy. Often times we hear how as a culture people are not pro-life. That everyone is pro-choice, and if you are pro-life you are a minority.

Well, when giving the sign of peace yesterday in Mass, a woman took a double-take with me. She said "peace be with you", and then said "both of you", with a big grin on her face. The second time this happened was when this teenage boy was taking my ticket at the movies. He said "thank you" and then paused and said "sorry, thank Y'all!

So, in our pro-death society that we live in, when does this tissue inside my body change from being just tissue to a baby? Is it that I'm overdue? Is it that people can see and tell that I'm pregnant? Or does the media get it wrong? Are most people pro-life?

I have been overwhelmed how positive people have been toward me during this pregnancy - overly polite, opening doors, getting out of my way, offering to help, not letting me carry my groceries, etc. It has given me a renewed sense of the pro-life climate in our culture. How wonderful!!

Today's activity is to go to the Mommies group at our church, and get some last-minute errands done. Found out yesterday that my parents, grandparents, brother and sister are coming tomorrow. I need to remind them that I have to relax - doctor's orders!

Lastly, today is my ultrasound/charting due date (which I feel is more accurate). We'll see what happens today...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

D + 3...

Well, we have had a nice, relaxing weekend. The Round Rock Farmers' Market was fun - got some great tomatoes, basil, and mojito mint (Ry made mine a virgin - yum!). Went walking around - the market, Lowe's and Sam's, and little pumpkin is nice and cozy. I've been asked what my prediction is for this baby - I'm thinking late next week...I wish he/she would come before the 27th (my grandparents are visiting from Alaska until then), but I'm not sure. My ultrasound and charting due date is tomorrow, which I think is a much more accurate date than the LMP.

Not much on the plans for today. I kinda feel like a baby - a little activity in the morning (Mass), lunch, naptime, etc. Ry has really wanted to take me to see the Indiana Jones movie (and that worked for my friend Rowena, she had her son the next day), so we may head to the movies this afternoon.

Hopefully, if we do make it to my doc appointment on Wednesday, my doc will comment on me being un-uptight! Really working on it!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

D + 2...

Well, pumpkin seems nice and cozy, not sure if he/she is coming out any time soon...

We have been quite popular this last week - calls from all over the world! My cousin Julie in New Zealand (can't wait to see you in July), my brother Stephen in Chile (can't wait to see you next week), my aunt Geri in Holland (yea, we see y'all next Saturday), and last night one of my best friends Christina from Australia (now when are you visiting... :-)! Seems like I've been chatting lots on the phone!

Well, Sharon is really trying to win the contest I posted yesterday. We had a great walk around the pond near our house, fed the ducks with her 3 kids, which was really great! Thanks Sharon! Feel free to continue to post your votes for the gender and due date of the bambino...

Not much else going on. Still trying to not be "uptight". Today we are heading out to the Round Rock Farmers' Market. I didn't even know until last week that this existed. Should be interesting, and maybe we can even get some tomatoes!!

Please also keep in your prayers 2 other new mommas, my friends Anne-Marie and Andrea. We are all due within a week of each other with our first babies. Anne-Marie's due date is today, Andrea's is Monday. We have had a cyber-pregnancy support group these past 9 months that has been very helpful. Good luck ladies! Can't wait to hear your good news!

Until tomorrow...or earlier :-)

Friday, June 20, 2008

D + 1...

Well, the due date came and went. Had a nice relaxing (albeit lazy) day. Will try to do that again today, but it's harder that it seems... a few episodes of Law & Order, surfing the net, long showers, well I guess I could get used to this!

Thanks for the suggestions yesterday. The 6 hour Pride and Prejudice does sound good - I may venture out to get it today. Otherwise, it may just be a Bridget Jones marathon!

Last night Ry and I had a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite place, the Melting Pot. I'm soo glad I found a guy who loves fondue! I've loved it for years, and it is a great way to have a nice, long, romantic dinner. We were imagining going there once pumpkin arrives, and seating him or her in the booth between us! It was nice to have an evening just to ponder and focus on these past 40 weeks, and on the journey it took us to get here.

So, since y'all have been soo good at commenting, I have another question. Let's have a poll on the gender and birth date of our little pumpkin (I know many of y'all have strong feelings about this). So comment with that info, and the time of birth and weight, if you feel so inclined. I guess I could throw in a nice pic of the baby as a prize :-)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, today is the due date day. Doesn't seem like little pumpkin will be making his/her arrival anytime soon.

To help me relax and cure my "uptightness" that my doc called it, we will just be relaxing at the house today. No water aerobics, no errands. Maybe even read a non-baby book!

And Kathryn, to comment on your comment from yesterday, he has delivered many babies. Should take his recommendations. Kinda hard for a type A person like me. I feel like I'm just being lazy. Don't have War and Peace, but do have a few other books. Now just to find a comfortable reading position.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Was a little overwhelmed yesterday. I am soo honored to be pumpkin's mom - I just can't wait to meet him or her! That time will come, eventually :-)

Any suggestions on helping me be less "uptight"? What did you do when you were waiting for your babies to come? Did schedule a nice "date night' for tonight - fondue at the Melting Pot! yum!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1 down...

9 cm to go! Well, we are progressing, but I thought I would be much farther along at this point (massage, water aerobics, full moon...). Kinda disappointed. Well, very disappointed. Also, the check was a little more uncomfortable than I thought, so getting kinda nervous about this whole labor thing. Say a few extra prayers...this momma's doesn't know what to expect or how I'm going to handle it! And to top that, my doc says I'm doing too much and need to relax. He said just get a book and read. Doesn't he understand how difficult it is for me to lay and read!! Men! Doctors! argh!

FYI, the ultrasound due date is June 22/ I'm trying not to get all worked up. And I was 3 weeks late, although my doc will only let me go 2 weeks (July!!).

St. Gerard, pray for us.
St. Gianna, pray for us.

1 day...

Well, as I try not to think that tomorrow is my due date, I'm going to keep myself busy today. So as not to keep my readers in suspense, just want to let you know I did not go into labor last night. Going to finish some freezer meals this morning, have lunch with my good friend Robin, and then head to my doc appointment to see how things are progressing. Had a great massage last night, and she hit all the labor pressure points! We'll see if that works! You may be lucky and get 2 posts today...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 days...

Wow - 2 days! But, could be up to 16 - my doc says we'll talk about inducing at 42 weeks. So, this daily update may continue for awhile! I did do my water aerobics today, and am off to a massage in an hour...maybe that will get things progressing!!

Yesterday my friends Kathryn and Amber commented about having their children around the full moon. According to the Farmer's Almanac the next full moon is tomorrow - June 18! We'll see if that prediction runs true for us...

I did find an article to substantiate this, but most of the scientific studies state that this is mostly it is an old wives tale. Here is the article's reasoning:
The theory is that the moon's gravitational pull effects the amniotic fluid in much the same way as it effects the water in the sea, rivers and even the water that's otherwise found in our bodies.

As a woman's body prepares for natural childbirth, the amniotic sac becomes distended so the point where it will easily burst if put under pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pressure of labor contractions bursts the sac. During a full moon, the pressure caused by the moon's effect on the water inside the sac can cause the same things to happen, but without the accompanying contractions.

Well, if I do go into labor, I'll try to have Ry post something here. Otherwise, if I'm not posting, you know what I'm doing!

Monday, June 16, 2008

3 days...

Wow, 3 days? Really? I guess one thing about being "retired" is you never know what the date is. I know what day of the week it is, but not the date...

One assignment we had in our Bradley class was to write down activities to do for the week prior and 2 weeks after our due date. It's to help keep your mind off just waiting, and plan for other things.

So, today's activity: have lunch with my former roomie! yea! I had lunch with a former roomie Teri who I lived with my sophomore and junior years at A&M. She just moved back to Austin and we hadn't seen each other in several years. And today was her birthday - so happy birthday my friend!

Then I also spent some time chatting with my friend Sharon and she gave me a bundle of cloth diapers. Yea! Pumpkin is getting all stocked up!

I forgot to post yesterday of this strange comment I got while in line at Rudy's. This woman commented that I was "huge" and must be having twins. When I told her it was just one, she said the baby had to be 10 pounds!! Can you believe it! I have only put on about 23 pounds this entire pregnancy! And that someone would tell a stranger that. And it wasn't that she didn't have children, she was holding a child. Oh please, no 10 pound baby for me! please...

Ry thought it was weird too that when we were at Starbucks yesterday, the cashier leaned over the counter to touch my belly! I should have at least gotten a free drink out of that!

I guess I should consider myself lucky. Haven't been stopped with the crazy birthing stories from strangers, or gotten many other pats on the belly. There is a full moon coming, maybe that's why people were acting so strange...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

4 days...Happy Father's Day!!

We've had a relaxing day today! Mass, Starbucks, HEB, and Rudy's for some BBQ. Boy was that place crowded - guess it is where all the dads wanted to be!

Ry's parents came down to celebrate the day with us. It was nice just to hang out and relax. Even found more decorations for the nursery, so will have to post updated photos soon!

Ry did pretty good for his father's day! A Burn Notice dvd (he just loves the show), cute family frame with pic of us, and pic of me in one of his shirts. Next year I'll take it with our little one and we can watch how he/she grows up in daddy's clothes! It barely buttoned for me! Ry's parents gave him some baby items (car seat protector, for the new car and all, and a cute I love Daddy bib) and a nice shirt too! They even brought some food so I won't have to cook much this week! yea!

No contractions or anything. Just a bit uncomfortable, usually in the morning or at night. During the day, I seem fine, just walking much slower :-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

5 days...

Thanks for all the comments these past few days! I'm soo honored to have such great readers!

As promised, here are photos of our nursery. Still working on finishing painting the bookshelf, and trying to figure out some more artwork..

changing, nursing, rocking area

our super-cute crib, given to us by Ry's parents and the bedding by mine

the great closet Ry worked so hard on! and do you see the baptismal garment, it was first used for my aunt when she was baptized over 61 years ago!

and the entire room! the cute little aggie blanket was sent by our great friends Ray and Elizabeth, and we got it yesterday. I just love it!!

and here I am, 39 weeks preggo!

and exictedly so!

and last, my absolute favorite photo! Ry took this recently, and I just love it!!

still going to take it slow today! yesterday I spent the entire day at home! it was great!! giving myself a few days off, and then next week, well, at least my doc will be back!

Friday, June 13, 2008

6 days...

Well, not much going on today. Trying to take it real slow this weekend - my doc is on vacation and I would really like it for him to at least check up on me... So a fun day checking email, updating the blog, etc.

No contractions or anything. Pumpkin seems quite content. Will take a 39 week photo tonight, so y'all can see how I'm doing :-)

I am putting together a listing of intentions to pray for during contractions, so if you have any needs, please let me know. And also putting together some Catholic prayers, so if you have any suggestions...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

39 weeks...

Well, here we are - 39 weeks! Amazing!

Little pumpkin is doing well. Went to the doc (actually, just saw the nurse) yesterday and all looks good. My doc is on vacation this week, so please pray that our little one doesn't decide to make his or her entrance until at least Monday :-) Another good thing is that since I just met with the nurse, we didn't started cervical checks. yea! Will find out next week if I'm progressing. The other good news is that my sugars have been great - and now I only have to check twice a day! yea! My fingertips will be soo happy!!

As I was thinking about what to post, I wanted to remember things that are a little more difficult for me during these last few weeks of pregnancy. Most of you mommas out there will understand, so feel free to post what was hard for you.

- washing dishes (seems like the sink is soo far away)
- rolling over (seriously, I have asked Ry to help me roll over to get comfortable)
- getting comfortable to sleep (I have 5 pillows on my side, and some nights use all of 'em)
- being warm (have the fan at medium to sleep and I don't use the covers and Ry is bundled like it is winter!)
- getting up at 2 am, or 4 am, or 6 am just to go to the restroom...and sometimes more than once!
- I'm walking much slower...
- can't really bend over to pick anything up
- taking naps in the afternoon (this is a real change, but I'm getting used to it :-)
- a bit of insomnia (can't seem to sleep in)
- driving (even though we have a new car...have to move the steering wheel a little more away)
- showering (got my stool in the shower now, so that makes it better)
- walking up and down the stairs
- growing out of pregnancy clothes!
- got pregnancy brain (reading things wrong, even wrote an email to Kraft this week that their instructions were wrong for a new item I tried)
- waiting (and y'all know me, I'm a real planner)
- wondering if this day or this night will be "the time"

Thanks for all your prayers and support during our pregnancy. There are some out there I know who read this blog and have walked with us through these last several months (and even the 4 years to get to this point), then y'all "stalkers" too! Feel free to comment so I know you are out there :-)

Will try to post more often this last week (or weeks, my doc won't worry about inducing until 42 weeks). A fellow blogger Florida Wife was great at posting her last week of pregnancy, so I will try to do so too! Maybe it will ward off some calls and emails...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Single digits...

Well, 9 days until my due date! Wow! Seems like just yesterday that we were finding out about this pregnancy. I was soo worried in the beginning. As many of y'all may know, this is our 4th pregnancy. The first 3 never made it past 10 weeks, so we kinda kept it under wraps until we passed our first trimester.

Things are going well. As you can see from the previous post, Ry was quite busy this weekend. And last night he generously went with me to the "big" HEB. We did a big "stock-up" trip. And I'm finally mastering the use of coupons - saved almost $31, although we did spend $159 (and I didn't get the meal deal, just regular coupons). I don't think the people behind me like me very much - I probably had 25 coupons! And the whole trip took 3 hours from leaving the house to returning. Probably won't be able to do trips like that for awhile.

Now, one thing we hadn't told many people, is that we found out that we were pregnant the day after the feast day of St. Gerard. I belong to an on-line Catholic group, and they had done a novena to St. Gerard in celebration of his feast day. On one day, one of the intentions was for us to increase our family. I do feel that through his intercession we have. He is a wonderful saint who is the patron saint of expectant mothers and pregnancy. You can find more info on him here.

So, since we are 9 days out, we plan to start a novena to him, asking for his intercession for this pregnancy and delivery. Feel free to join us!

Novena to St. Gerard

Most Blessed Trinity, I, Your child, thank You for all the gifts and privileges which You granted to St. Gerard, especially for those virtues with which You adorned him on earth and the glory which You now impart to him in heaven. Accomplish Your work, Oh Lord, so that Your kingdom may come about on earth. Through his merits, in union with those of Jesus and Mary, grant me the grace for which I ask.... (Mention your request)

And you, my powerful intercessor, St. Gerard, always so ready to help those who have recourse to you, pray for me. Come before the throne of Divine Mercy and do not leave without being heard. To you I confide this important and urgent affair.... Graciously take my cause in hand and do not let me end this novena without having experienced in some way the effects of your intercession. Amen.

O good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before the throne of God, wonder-worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your help. While on earth, you always fulfilled God's designs; help me, too, always do God's holy will. Beseech the master of life, from whom all parenthood proceeds, to bless me with offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the kingdom of God's glory in the life to come.   

Photos to come on our almost finished nursery! yea!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My husband's been nesting...

Well, seems like it is not just me who has been nesting for this baby! Look at what my wonderful husband has done just in the last 36 hours:

- put in the mattress in the crib
- hung the artwork in the nursery (photos to come when I find the camera...). Quite a feat with a wife who couldn't make up her mind...
- hung a mirror in our bedroom that has been on our floor for over 2 years
- hung a mirror in the guest room
- washed both cars
- put extra dirt in the front yard
- watered the yard and making it look very nice
- set-up the pack-n-play in our bedroom
- installed the hammock in the pack-n-play
- installed the car seat in the car
- put together the stroller
- put together my nursing stool
- transplanted a sapling from our yard to a pot

And made dinner for me (and we had nothing in the house - even had to go to the grocery store to get food!). What a great husband! I'm so lucky and blessed!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Momma's raise...

So, Momma got her raise - a new set of wheels! Yea! Check out our one-week old addition!

in the driver's seat...

a sweet side view...

front on...

and check out the date, the day before pumpkin is due!

A special thanks to my wonderful husband for making this possible! Your months (even years!) of research really paid off! It is a beautiful car and I love it! thank you!

the civic did find itself a new home - back in Aggieland! Tessa, hope you enjoy it as much as I have these past 10 years!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Pumpkin is up to $945 in pledges...Just need $155 to beat last year's of $1100. Any last minute sponsors? If so, use link on posting below!