Wednesday, June 25, 2008

D + 6...

Thanks for all the comments and prayers! Loaded up on the spicy food Rich! Had Tex-Mex for lunch and dinner!! My grandmother really wants to meet her newest great-grandchild, but I have a feeling that won't happen.

Had a great visit with my grandparents last night. My dad is #2 of 12 kids. When we have reunions and all, It is hard to spend time with them. It was fun hearing stories about her labors (like how she ran to catch a bus and went into labor, and that uncle is a big runner), or how she had the family vote on a name (but then didn't name the child that name). I'm looking forward to asking more questions today. They are in their mid-80's, so I don't think we will doing much walking or venturing out.

Stephen, my brother, came in last night from Chile. How great to see him! That boy never changes! Tonight my sister Tessa comes in for the night and will bring in Charlie the dog for the weekend. That will be a nice distraction too!

Guess my activity today is just spending time with them. Have an appointment with Dr. Love this afternoon, so I may update twice today...


Rich said...

Loaded up on the spicy food Rich!

It'll happen today, then. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pics of pumpkin! It must be very hard to sit and wait around when you are so excited and have so much anticipation. Good luck at your appt today.


Roxanna said...

Hey Alexis! This is Roxy, Gerardo's wife- we met at your Bradley classes one time that we went to observe.
I've become addicted to your blog!! hahaha, can't wait for your baby to come. =)
We're praying for you.

-The Garcias

Kristy said...

Dr. Love said you'll be having this baby "very soon" :) And then wondered how the heck so many of his patients know each other.

Lillian said...

Just relax!! Enjoy your family.

I keep checking back every few hours so I imagine it must be even harder for you to get your mind off it!! LOL!

Wish I knew some secrets. I tend to be late, myself. And never seem to go into labor until all projects are done, house is clean and I'm utterly bored.

Praying for you to meet your baby soon!!

Sharon said...

Spicy food just might do it. Get something Indian. I went into labor with Fulton the night after we had Indian food.