Friday, August 06, 2010

7 quick takes (8th edition)

* 1 *
I has been a nice birthday week!  My birthday was lots of fun - free coffee at Starbucks, lunch and playdate with the K's, followed by date night.  Too bad the place I wanted to go was closed for vacation - guess we get to go back!

* 2 *
Nate has been getting really good at saying his name.  "Nate, Nate" whenever he wants something or wants to keep something.

* 3 *
Found out this week I may have TMJ.  ugh!  Right now I'm just on very nice painkillers.  Had the best sleep last night in a long time.

* 4 *
Visited the pool today with Nate and our friends the Rose's.  2 mommas and 5 kiddos.  oh my!  And my son only wanted to go over and go down the slide.  Who wants to be in the kiddie side when there are slides to ride!  Telling him he's not big enough is not a sufficient answer!

* 5 *
I've decided to take a little step back from my commitments.  I seem to over schedule, and not really get to focus time just being a wife and mother.   I think at this point, I'm just wanting things to be a little more quiet and a little less scheduled.

* 6 *
Last Saturday we continued our tradition of family movie night.  We have not done it in awhile, but it was fun to pop some popcorn and watch Finding Nemo.  Any suggestions for a movie for our next movie night?

* 7 * 
After trying to avoid it for awhile, I have realized the only way I can stay healthy is by incorporating exercise in my routine.  I am the queen of excuses, but good eating will only get me so far.  Any suggestions on ways to incorporate exercise that doesn't feel like working out?

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Monday, August 02, 2010

2 year photo shoot!

Tessa's friend Abbey did it again - a great photo shoot!  Here are some pics of our recent venture to South Austin to capture out little 2 year old!

You can find more photos here.

my favorite

Our family