Friday, April 30, 2010

7 quick takes (4th edition)

* 1 *
Successfully travelled with Nate last week!  He's such a trooper.  Made sure we had enough snacks, new toys, and he slept about half the time.  What a good traveler!

* 2 *
Made fresh mozzarella this week!  I couldn't believe you could make cheese at home, but my friend Katie invited us over to show us how.  And it was really good, and not that hard to make!

* 3 *
I joined a book club this week and totally love it!  We are reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I can't seem to put the book down!  It is all about eating locally, in season foods.  I'm having fun trying to find new places to get our food, and new ways to prepare them.  The girls in the club have been such a blessing and wealth of knowledge and ideas.

* 4 *
Whenever Ry goes out with his best friend, I call it a man-date. I went on a girly-date last night with a really good friend.  Just time to chat and eat at La Madeleine (good girly place).  It was fun to take the time and just reconnect.  

* 5 *
Last night my dad stopped by, on his way driving from Ft. Worth to Corpus.  Nate just loved having his Gum-pa around!  He couldn't stop performing all around!!

* 6 *
I was able to give a talk this week about Natural Family Planning.  Since I stopped teaching about 2 years ago, I had to do a little homework to get prepared.  I remember how much it meant to me to teach people about their fertility and share with them how beautiful the Catholic Church looks at it.  Hopefully I opened a few eyes and planted a few seeds...

* 7 * 
One more about Nate...he's started putting 2 words together - mommy shoes, daddy car, etc.  It is amazing - his vocabulary changes every day!!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the garden - weeks 2-6

Our garden is quickly growing!  In 6 short weeks it has totally blossomed!

We already have tomatoes growing on our little plants and everything is going good.  I can't wait to start harvesting!!

Week 2

Week 4

Week 6

Monday, April 26, 2010

Strawberry picking!

A couple weeks ago my parents came for a visit.  We headed out to Marble Falls and went strawberry (or ba-berry as Nate calls it) picking at Sweet Berry Farm!  It was great!  We finished it off with some locally made ice cream and then went to the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls for lunch.  We may have to head back next month for the blackberry picking....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

great grandpa Dobson, rest in peace

This past Friday night, great grandpa Dobson passed from this world.  He was a kind man, and we are lucky that Nate was able to meet him last year.  He will be greatly missed.

Here are a couple photos from our last visit.  We head up in the morning, so this blog may be quiet the next few days!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

21 months!

One word can describe this month - my son is a talker!  yea!!  He is communicating and we love it!  He's also doing well on his chores - unloading and loading the washer and dryer, unloading the dishwasher, bringing in the groceries, and taking his wet diapers to the trash.  He also loves to help me sweep the floor, although he likes to spread my dirt piles around.

We have had fun with friends, dinners out, visited with family and went to a wedding. Nana had a birthday too! I even climbed to the top of the chick-fil-a playground and went down the slide.  twice!  We've been also having fun skyping with family!  And Nate loves to amaze us by walking backward!!  We've enjoyed march madness - any ball game Nate likes (even european soccer!).

And his words!  We had to write them down!!  His favorite is Zoe - the dog next door.  zoe, zoe, zoe, zoe....

His spoken words include: apple, ba ball (basketball), baby, ball, bi (bird), bread, ca (car), Cha-lee (Charlie), che (cheese), co-ey (cookie) daddy, diry (dirty), doggy, eye, football, Hannah, hat, jello, juis (juice), mama, mo (more), mommy, nana, nice, night night, no, no (nose), papa, teda neni (tessa neni), tree, up, wa wa (water), and zoe (dog next door).

His signed words include:  all done, apple, aunt, baby, ball, bath, bird, book, bread, brush teeth, car, carrot, cat, cereal, cheese, cookie, daddy, diaper, dog, eat/hungry, grapes, hat, ice cream, light milk, more, no, noodle/pasta, please, sleepy, toast, up, wash hands, water, and yes.


Friday, April 09, 2010

7 quick takes (3rd edition)

* 1 *
I am happy that I am able to do this again!  Last week being holy week, and both my boys sick - it was a doozy!  Didn't really have any time alone...

* 2 *
Nate was sick this week.  And more than ever I truly feel that I'm living the vocation God wants for me.  Even though it was hard, I was happy to sit beside my son, and hold him all day long.  I didn't have to worry about bills, chores, or work.  That was my job!  I married a great man who gives me the opportunity to do this.  Thank you Ryan!

* 3 *
We finally purchased the plants for our backyard and actually agreed on a plan.  Nana and I planted about half today and the rest will hopefully get done this weekend.

* 4 *
I've been having fun trying to cook the new veggies I got in my farmhouse bushel.  The lettuce and carrots weren't too hard - but beets and turnip greens!  I think they turned out pretty good, though.

* 5 *
I was able to have some adult interaction this week to at the TAL lunch.  I heard a great speaker talk about using adult stem cells in spine surgeries to make them better.  amazing!  And time with friends and former co-workers made it extra nice!

* 6 *
I've been touched in a great way this week how our friends and family have reached out and helped us during Nate and Ry's sickness these past couple weeks.  We are blessed!

* 7 * 
I finally watched Food Inc. last week.  I truly feel that movie is changing my life.  It has changed how I view companies, food, how we treat animals and much more.  It has been all I can talk about for days now.  I'm excited to go to the Round Rock Farmer's Market tomorrow and stock up on veggies, meats, and breads.  Just want to find more ways to make changes to our family.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

home arrest?

Well, it seems like it...a little over 10 days ago Nate got pink-eye, so we've been on medication and all (and not seeing friends).  We went up to Waco on Saturday and had to leave Sunday morning because Nate had a horrible fever (105!).  Luckily our doc was open and found out he has a double ear infection!  Now we are on antibiotics (again), but his fever is still present.  And he just wants momma.  So, off to the doc again today and he's better and I found out I wasn't giving enough motrin.  Seems like the lollipop from HEB has done the trick, because he is finally down for a nap.

Hopefully Nate is on the mend.  Please say a quick prayer for us.

I realized this week that the housework can wait.  The laundry can wait.  Some days, I just need to be there to cuddle for my son so he can get better.  Thank God (and you Ry), that I have the opportunity to stay home with him so I can do this!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

the patio

This year we resolved to work on the backyard!  yea!  We have a plan (that we had made 3 years ago), and are finally making it a reality.

Yesterday we had some great guys come and put in a new patio for us.  They sure made me realize how much Spanish I have forgotten.  Ry reminded me that I probably didn't learn any technical or construction terms in my classes, but I still need to practice.  Look at the transformation!  And I never knew laying concrete would be soo much work!!  Nate and I were glued on the couch watching them all day!!

original patio

our vantage spot



Bobcat's secret entrance


finished patio (until we stain it in a few weeks)