Friday, April 30, 2010

7 quick takes (4th edition)

* 1 *
Successfully travelled with Nate last week!  He's such a trooper.  Made sure we had enough snacks, new toys, and he slept about half the time.  What a good traveler!

* 2 *
Made fresh mozzarella this week!  I couldn't believe you could make cheese at home, but my friend Katie invited us over to show us how.  And it was really good, and not that hard to make!

* 3 *
I joined a book club this week and totally love it!  We are reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I can't seem to put the book down!  It is all about eating locally, in season foods.  I'm having fun trying to find new places to get our food, and new ways to prepare them.  The girls in the club have been such a blessing and wealth of knowledge and ideas.

* 4 *
Whenever Ry goes out with his best friend, I call it a man-date. I went on a girly-date last night with a really good friend.  Just time to chat and eat at La Madeleine (good girly place).  It was fun to take the time and just reconnect.  

* 5 *
Last night my dad stopped by, on his way driving from Ft. Worth to Corpus.  Nate just loved having his Gum-pa around!  He couldn't stop performing all around!!

* 6 *
I was able to give a talk this week about Natural Family Planning.  Since I stopped teaching about 2 years ago, I had to do a little homework to get prepared.  I remember how much it meant to me to teach people about their fertility and share with them how beautiful the Catholic Church looks at it.  Hopefully I opened a few eyes and planted a few seeds...

* 7 * 
One more about Nate...he's started putting 2 words together - mommy shoes, daddy car, etc.  It is amazing - his vocabulary changes every day!!

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steve said...

and how is his spanish? he's already bilingual with signing and english, what's a third, right?

Amy Webb said...

Thanks again for the NFP talk! I think you did plant a few seeds.