Thursday, April 01, 2010

the patio

This year we resolved to work on the backyard!  yea!  We have a plan (that we had made 3 years ago), and are finally making it a reality.

Yesterday we had some great guys come and put in a new patio for us.  They sure made me realize how much Spanish I have forgotten.  Ry reminded me that I probably didn't learn any technical or construction terms in my classes, but I still need to practice.  Look at the transformation!  And I never knew laying concrete would be soo much work!!  Nate and I were glued on the couch watching them all day!!

original patio

our vantage spot



Bobcat's secret entrance


finished patio (until we stain it in a few weeks)


Jen said...

That looks awesome, Alexis! Yeah for y'all!

Rowena said...

Yes, the patio looks great! Excellent job!

Aunt Geri said...

I love the curve pattern--and now you have less grass to mow as well!

Kristy said...

Looks really cool!

steve said...

I like it!