Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June garden

June has been a fruitful time in are garden. The squash were providing much fruit, until something got to them and we had to pull 2 plants. We got some sugar snap peas, even though it is a fall crop. The tomatoes are over 5 ft tall now, and growing like crazy! Each time I go out I come back with a couple handfuls - yea!

We do have a bunch of basil - anyone got a good pesto recipe?

Here are a few pics.
Garden at 7 weeks (1st of June)

peppers at 7 weeks. We got red bell peppers and are still waiting for them to turn red. I hope we can pick 'em this week.

yellow pear tomatoes - yum!

our June harvest (well, part of it)

Garden at 10 weeks - end of June. We've now pulled 2 squash plants, the cilantro and the peas. Thanks Ry for doing that!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today my parents celebrate 37 years of married bliss! Well, it probably hasn't always been blissful, but it has been a great example to me and my siblings! I should put a funny pic of them, since they don't check my blog often...but I'll be nice!

Happy Anniversary! ILY!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

11 months!

Okay, this is super-duper late! 2 weeks ago we did VBS and it whipped both Nate and myself, and we are finally catching up! May was full of our anniversary, Mother's Day, playdates, visiting grandparents and dinners with friends!

11 months old.. yes, that's my baby! He's now crawling and cutting his 2 bottom teeth! He's getting better at baby sign, and has started pointing too! And he does the cutest wave with both hands...but you have to say "bye" first. His hand movements are great - he knows which buttons to hit to make his toys make sounds and music!

We are having fun child-proofing the house! Finally got the outlets covered and now to get the gates and locks for the kitchen cabinets.

Nate is totally loving having my sister, his godmother, here for the summer. I think I may be more excited!! He loves playing with her, showing her his toys, and trying to get into Charlie's food in her room.

And now the favorite part - the pictures! Here are a few of our favs!
What is Nate looking at?


Mama's garden


Visiting the Brushy Creek sprinkler park. Nate's not a fan yet...

but his buddy Thomas is

Thomas and his Mommy, Mrs. Nicholson


Nate and Thomas

Happy Birthday Mrs. Nicholson!

Nana's Mother's Day

My Mother's Day

Memorial Day BBQ with the mom's in my mom's rosary group!

matching outfits!

Helping Daddy put together his new grill...it makes lots of noise!

Grilling with Daddy!

former roommates - Ry and Ray.

hiking around Lake Pflugerville

We like beans


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just wanted to post something since it has been over a week!

Last week Nate and I helped with Vacation Bible School at our church. We helped lead the music - me teaching hand motions and Nate on my back. What a hit Nate was! Got a little sick after the week, but it was worth it!

Working on the 11 month post... trying to narrow down pics is soo hard!

off to bed...sleep...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Our new housemate...

My sister Tessa moved in with us Memorial Day weekend. Yea! She's interning for the summer with St. Edward's University in their student life office. Hope this good ag can help 'em out there! And maybe stay in Austin after she graduates in August...we can only hope!

Here she is getting read to go to work...and good reason to come home early! Nate is ready to play and misses his Tessa neni!