Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June garden

June has been a fruitful time in are garden. The squash were providing much fruit, until something got to them and we had to pull 2 plants. We got some sugar snap peas, even though it is a fall crop. The tomatoes are over 5 ft tall now, and growing like crazy! Each time I go out I come back with a couple handfuls - yea!

We do have a bunch of basil - anyone got a good pesto recipe?

Here are a few pics.
Garden at 7 weeks (1st of June)

peppers at 7 weeks. We got red bell peppers and are still waiting for them to turn red. I hope we can pick 'em this week.

yellow pear tomatoes - yum!

our June harvest (well, part of it)

Garden at 10 weeks - end of June. We've now pulled 2 squash plants, the cilantro and the peas. Thanks Ry for doing that!


Kristy said...

Looks awesome! While I'm not a fan of enough vegetables to warrant a garden, those squash sure look tasty!

Kimberly said...

Hey Alexis, your garden looks great! And who told you about those awesome baby yellow tomatoes...did you see my post about our tomato plant outta control?

It's great to harvest your own veggies isn't it?