Monday, February 26, 2007

the end of February??

Wow, not doing too good on this blogging thing. It's like when I write in my journal, and when I write all I do is catch up on what's been going on, but not how I feel.

So, to briefly state what's been going on...

I've been trying to write about Sean. I think that is what got me stuck. I wasn't sure what to write. I wrote a reflection from the funeral for some Aggie friends, so you can read that below. I haven't even been able to muster the courage to look thru my old journals and photos.

February started off well. I went to one of those meal prep places the first weekend. It was soo much fun. I went with some girlfriends (thanks Paula, Kathy and Denise) and we made 12 meals. We are eating #11 tonight! It has lasted us awhile. The place is here in Austin ( and the boys think it would be great to continue. All I have to stock is side dishes!!

Then we had Paula's baby shower. So much cute things for her little boy!! Despite what has gone on, the day went on much better than I expected and I am truly happy for her and her family.

For Valentine's Justin and I went to Chipotle. Yes, Ry was out of town. He was in Raleigh, NC for a business trip. And he got stuck there and had to be rerouted to Dallas to make it to our...

Marriage Encounter ( !! We did that a little over a week ago. It was amazing! What a wonderful time to refresh our marriage and focus just on us! I feel lately our marriage has had more stress, and this gave us the tools to deal with it. We had a wonderful time and a couple from the Austin area also attended.

Other than that Lent has started. I'm trying to include more Lenten traditions to our home. And trying to do more as a couple.

Ry is off today for Boulder. He will be back on Thursday. At least I got Charlie and Justin, and the wii!

More thougthts later...