Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today, when Nate saw a picture of himself, he said "Dent". I asked him who "Dent" was and he pointed at himself.  I am totally excited that he is finally recognizing himself in pictures!!

And then a few hours later I asked him again, and he said something that really sounded like Nate.  yea!!  At least he isn't saying "2", because I think I have been asking him a few too many times how old will he be!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Top Youth Walker Nate!!

We wanted to thank everyone who pledged for Nate for last weekend's Texas Alliance for Life Walk.  We had a wonderful time with friends and former co-workers, and Nate raised $1160!!  He was honored by receiving the Top Youth Walker Award!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

7 quick takes (7th edition)

* 1 *
We had a wonderful weekend last weekend in Houston!  Hosted a shower for my good friend Lorena and spent time with my best friend Christina visiting from NJ.  The 3 of us were roommates our senior year and haven't had that much time together in years!  It was great!!

* 2 *
Nate has successfully raised over $1100 for the Texas Alliance for Life Walk tomorrow.  You can sponsor him here to help increase our total!!

* 3 *
I organized a successful field trip for our Mornings with Mommy group at our church - our local fire station.  My term as co-leader is coming to an end this month and it has been lots of fun helping other moms in the parish grow in their faith life and in their vocation as wives and mothers.

* 4 *
In addition to learning how to climb out of his crib (which has now been converted to a toddler bed), Nate  had a face-first splash in the baby pool.  I was there to sweep him right up and he went back into the water like nothing happened.

* 5 *
I booked our tickets to go up to PA in a couple weeks!  Nate will spend his 2nd birthday surrounded by his great grandparents, grandparents and great aunts and uncles.  Hopefully it will be a little cooler too!

* 6 *
The garden is doing well.  I'm glad I like cucumbers, there seems to be one ready every day!  The tomatoes are doing great too, but I think something got to our squash - all the plants have died.  I did plant some watermelon, so that has begun to sprout.  And it looks like we can harvest our garlic any day!

* 7 * 
Found that an evening just to chat with the girls, dessert and a bottle of wine can really refresh you!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

a baby shower!!

Last weekend I helped throw a girly baby sprinkle for my good friend Lorena.  We had a sprinkle because this was for baby #2 which is set to arrive in July.  The food was all red, pink and white, and we played a couple simple games - a trivia game and wrote notes on diapers (for those late night diaper changes).  For food we had caprese salad, crab dip, watermelon and cucumber salad, cheese and crackers and chocolate covered strawberries.

Here is the invite

and some photos from the sprinkle

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

he's a climber...

Today I put Nate down for a nap.  I went into the office and heard a thump.  I stepped out of the office and found Nate at the top of the stairs.  He climbed out of his bed, opened his door and went looking for me.  And when I put him in his bed and asked him to show me, he easily demonstrated how he climbed over the side.

We didn't have time tonight, but tomorrow we will be converting Nate's crib to a toddler bed.  And this just a couple weeks before his birthday!  Momma's not ready for Nate to grow up this fast!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

23 months!!

2 is around the corner!  But this month is not without its accomplishments:  opening doors (we now have a few door locks), climbing up the bar stools (which now are placed on the pool table), using a pillow by the ottoman as a ramp, being a great repeater, loves to play puppy and baby, teeth are filling in, first haircut and made it for his first trip to the pool this season!

Nate's favorite word is slide.  Love to say it!  His favorite toys have been a small, plastic Bailey's bottle (we got some looks at the store), drinking out of mom's Starbucks cup, and playing with this Woody and Buzz Lightyear men (they are not dolls).

I also love it when he says something, and I repeat it.  When I finally get it right, he says "yeah".  Perfect!

We've been able to see the Biscuit Brothers, have visits from friends (the Felderhoff's) and family (Nana, Papa, Mama, Grandpa, and Monica neni), a few birthday parties, playdates and a picnic!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nate the Walker!!

Prior to being a stay-at-home momma, I worked for an awesome pro-life group here in Austin called Texas Alliance for Life.  Nate (or Pumpkin, since he wasn't born yet) participated in 2008, and we are participating again this year in their Walk for Life.  I worked there for 2 1/2 years, and totally believe that they are doing a great job supporting and protecting life here in Texas and the entire United States.

This year Nate will be walking at the 16th Annual Texas Alliance for Life Walk 2010 on June 19 at The Quarries in Austin.  We have participated in the Walk for the past 3 years and have raised over $2200 during that time.  This year our goal is to raise over $1000!  I hope you can help us!!

One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds will support the programs of Texas Alliance for Life and agencies that receive grants from the Walk (pregnancy centers here in Central Texas), and all donations are tax-deductible.

You can sponsor Nate at https://texasallianceforlife.org/Walk_SponsorRegistration.aspx

Thank you for supporting the Walk 2010!

Friday, June 04, 2010

7 quick takes (6th addition)

* 1 *
We had a great weekend for Memorial Day - 2 birthdays and a picnic.  Ryan is happy I haven't over scheduled this weekend!

* 2 *
After almost 15 years dealing with my chronic congestion, I finally went to see an ear-nose-throat doctor who really could help!  I went yesterday and am already breathing through my nose (seriously, quite a feat for me).  My nasal voice may be going away...yea!

* 3 *
Tessa took Nate for his first trip to the pool on Monday.  After a crazy weekend, we needed a break and she happily took care of him.  Now he keeps asking "Swimming, swimming".

* 4 *
Nate has made quite a few feats this week - opening doors (and closing them, like him in the pantry), climbing up the stools by the island, and moving a chair to get to the sink.  Nothing seems to be off limits!

* 5 *
I am in awe of the great friends we have here in Austin!  Their love and support amazes me and I am honored to find such great people.  thank you! 

* 6 *
The patio is done!  yea!  the stain looks great and all we need to do is transplant our herbs!  now to find some patio furniture...

* 7 * 
I finally finished a book that has been on my bedside for awhile - the omnivore's dilemma.  A great book and further encourages me that we are doing the right thing on local foods, buying our cow and supporting local farmers!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

1st haircut

At the bequest of my sister (and probably long overdue), Nate had his first haircut last month!  Nana did the honors, and my little baby looks like a boy!!  Don't you love the "salon", aka our garage!