Monday, June 14, 2010

23 months!!

2 is around the corner!  But this month is not without its accomplishments:  opening doors (we now have a few door locks), climbing up the bar stools (which now are placed on the pool table), using a pillow by the ottoman as a ramp, being a great repeater, loves to play puppy and baby, teeth are filling in, first haircut and made it for his first trip to the pool this season!

Nate's favorite word is slide.  Love to say it!  His favorite toys have been a small, plastic Bailey's bottle (we got some looks at the store), drinking out of mom's Starbucks cup, and playing with this Woody and Buzz Lightyear men (they are not dolls).

I also love it when he says something, and I repeat it.  When I finally get it right, he says "yeah".  Perfect!

We've been able to see the Biscuit Brothers, have visits from friends (the Felderhoff's) and family (Nana, Papa, Mama, Grandpa, and Monica neni), a few birthday parties, playdates and a picnic!


Anonymous said...

Cecilia (just turned 3) still has not learned to open doors. At least not the ones with turn knobs. I have no desire to teach her either... :)

Jacquelyn and Little Love Bug Smith

patio door locks said...

Those pics are adorable!!