Friday, June 04, 2010

7 quick takes (6th addition)

* 1 *
We had a great weekend for Memorial Day - 2 birthdays and a picnic.  Ryan is happy I haven't over scheduled this weekend!

* 2 *
After almost 15 years dealing with my chronic congestion, I finally went to see an ear-nose-throat doctor who really could help!  I went yesterday and am already breathing through my nose (seriously, quite a feat for me).  My nasal voice may be going away...yea!

* 3 *
Tessa took Nate for his first trip to the pool on Monday.  After a crazy weekend, we needed a break and she happily took care of him.  Now he keeps asking "Swimming, swimming".

* 4 *
Nate has made quite a few feats this week - opening doors (and closing them, like him in the pantry), climbing up the stools by the island, and moving a chair to get to the sink.  Nothing seems to be off limits!

* 5 *
I am in awe of the great friends we have here in Austin!  Their love and support amazes me and I am honored to find such great people.  thank you! 

* 6 *
The patio is done!  yea!  the stain looks great and all we need to do is transplant our herbs!  now to find some patio furniture...

* 7 * 
I finally finished a book that has been on my bedside for awhile - the omnivore's dilemma.  A great book and further encourages me that we are doing the right thing on local foods, buying our cow and supporting local farmers!

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Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Wow! I have a similar congestion-life-story! How did your doc help?

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...
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