Thursday, October 30, 2008

lack of pics!

Sorry about the lack of pictures! Will work on that soon, and of all 3 of Nate's super-cute Halloween costumes!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

16 weeks...

We've had a busy week this week. Went to the Texas Alliance for Life Annual benefit dinner, met our godson Joshua, spent the weekend in Aggieland, and welcomed little Violet to the Church!

Nate did really well at his first benefit dinner. We helped out the afternoon of, and Nate sure had fun being carried around in the Baby Bjorn. He was ready to go home when it was over...and cried the whole way!

We were able to meet our new godson on Friday, little Joshua Ignatius! What a cutie! We are sure honored to be your godparents!

Kelly neni joined us for a weekend in College Station. We unfortunately were outscored by Texas Tech, but had fun watching the game at the MSC. There was a reunion at the Catholic Center there for those who graduated in the '90's. I sure felt like a small family - most had 4 or 5 kids, and even one family had 9 (or was it 10). My parents also came down, and they had fun hanging out with Nate. He did great, especially not eating in the same place twice ;-)

Monday, our little friend Violet was baptized. She is just 10 weeks younger than Nate, and the developmental changes are amazing. Some days I feel he is the same as when I brought him home, but when I see a new baby, you sure can see the differences!

Nate has also found his new favorite toy - my hand! He loves sucking on my fingers! And he loves to try each one, up and down. No need for any fancy toys ;-)

We also had our first nail clipper injury. You know what I'm talking about, your clip too close, and then the poor finger won't stop bleeding. As a first-time mom I called Ry and he rushed home. Even thought about taking him to the emergency room. It finally subsided, and now you can't tell which finger I clipped. From now on Ry does the trimmings. How do y'all handle this?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

15 weeks...

Well, this will probably be my last daily events posting. I decided to try to write down everything we have done and Nate has done these past 100 days. Maybe now we can just focus on individual achievements, or just a weekly summary.

Nate is such a fun kid! He's having fun now holding his toys, standing, playing airplane and just being much more observant of his surroundings. I also caught him turning 90 degrees when sleeping - he's now waking up in a different spot than where I left him!

We did some volunteering this week - to help out with the Texas Alliance for Life dinner. Just helping out a couple days for a few hours really wiped me out. It was confirmed to me that my calling, my vocation, is to stay at home with Nate. I am truly in awe of mothers who work all day and take care of their kids. Even more of those who work from home - it was soo difficult getting anything done! Thank you Ryan for giving me the opportunity to stay home with our son!!!

Nate is sleeping much better now. I'm pretty lucky. He's still in his pack 'n' play in our room. For all you experienced parents - how long did your kids stay in your room? We don't co-sleep, but it is just easier to have him close around.

The days...
Day 98 - Whoop!
Day 99 - went on a walk with Mrs. Nicholson and Thomas. What fun we have!
Day 100 - what more can I say - 100 days old! yea! Also had our first diaper explosion - through the diaper, outfit, blanket and mommy. Went straight to the bath. Daddy also left today to go camping with Uncle Justin. Kelly neni and Aunt Danielle spent the night - what a fun time we had!!

the come soon! need to get 'em off the camera!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 weeks...

Okay, Nate is now 3 months old! yea! And has he changed!!! My goodness! I think this week has been the most dramatic yet!! Nate is now playing with his hands. He is grabbing things, holding things, reaching for things, and always seems to find a open hand to put into his mouth. He's also beginning to put himself to sleep too! It is crazy how much he has changed over the past 3 months.

We've also started to use the cloth diapers. For y'all who use them, how do you store them before you wash 'em? I'm trying to figure that out so they won't stink up his room.

This week:
Day 91 - Nate has found my rings and started grabbing at them. Boy loves diamonds and gold!
Day 92 - Happy 3 month birthday Nate!! Nate's working lots more with his hands (including wanting to play with mine).
Day 93 - Nate slept 10 hours!! yea! Also met baby Sam!
Day 94 - Nana and Papa are visiting this weekend and me and Ry had a date night! yea! Papa also loves to play rocket and has taught Nate how to take his pacifier out of his mouth...but not put in back in yet :-)
Day 95 - Exploding diaper at church! Thank goodness we had another outfit. Nate also put himself to sleep tonight.
Day 96 - We had fun today laughing! Yes laughing!! Also decided to try using the cloth diapers and used them all day today. Just need to figure out a way to store them before I wash 'em.
Day 97 - Nate put himself to sleep during both of his naps! Also the Krystinik's came over for dinner and brought Nate a super-cute taggy blanket. Went to lunch with Kelly neni too!

And the photos:
Big eyes

Oh baby!

Us with Mrs. Lange and newborn Sam

the family on Nate 3 month birthday

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Please pray...

My father-in-law is having surgery on Friday morning. Thanks!

Monday, October 06, 2008

13 weeks...

Well, this has been an interesting week for us. Ry has to go to Wichita for business and Nana (Ry's mom) came to stay with me for the week. It was nice to have such great help! We had a fun time.

During this week Nate made his first trip to Aggieland. And we beat Army too! It was our 10 year college reunion, so we had fun seeing lots of friends. And you know who you are...your pics are posted!

We are sure having lots of fun with Nate. He is interacting more, and on a good routine. He has also been super nice to Mommy sleeping in most days until at least 5, even until 7 some days! I'm getting spoiled - hope this isn't a phase.

While Nana was here we had fun going to the outlet mall, visiting Mrs. K and her boys, and just having fun hanging out. I even was able to go out to a mom's night out one night, and Nana stayed with Nate. I think they both had a great time.

Aggieland was fun. We stayed with aunt Amy and her family, and had fun with them for the weekend. Nate also enjoyed seeing Tessa neni and my cousin Monica (back-up godmother to Nate).

This week's events:
Day 84 - Nana, Nate and I all went out to the outlet mall and for the first time I forgot the diaper bag. Luckily it was not needed. Nana also sat for Nate while I went to my Mommy's night out. Nate giggled for Nana.
Day 85 - We went down to visit the K's today. Nate had an exploding diaper - onto Nana, the carpet and the floor! He also put Mommy's hand into his mouth for the first time. I also was able to breastfeed Nate while going up stairs!
Day 86 - Nate had fun today with his toy - holding it and pointing at it. Daddy returned and we are off to Aggieland.
Day 87 - Had fun around Aggieland. Nate had his first giggle for Mommy and Daddy.
Day 88 - had lunch with Tessa neni and Monica neni (my cousin). Nate was a hit!
Day 89 - Caught Nate holding his blanket today. yea!
Day 90 - Nate has found my wrists! He has begun grabbing at my watch.

And the pics:
Playing with Nana

Nana and Nate

Nate and Drew (only 6 weeks ago they looked like this)

tia Lorena, me and aunt Amy (at our reunion)

Aunt Amy, Nate and Michelle

Look at those cute overalls!!

Watching the Aggie game with Daddy...

My former roomie Mary and me (and our boys Nate and William). Only a few months ago we looked like this.

Natalie, Amy, Angela, me and Nate

Hanging out at the hotel after the game...

Nate, me, Tessa neni (his godmother) and Monica neni (back-up godmother)

Watching the Steelers with Uncle Justin (and yes, he really does watch)

Nate loves his hands! yum!

And my favorite - Nate and Tessa neni (check out that ring!)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Top 5

I have a friend Kathryn who posts lots on her blog on her "Top 10". Well, I've been thinking about what are my Top 5 baby items, now that Nate is 3 months old. Here are my favorites:

1. I've really enjoyed breast-feeding Nate, and I have to have My Brest Friend. It has helped with my posture, keeping Nate comfy and more! I just love it!! Thanks for recommending it Jill.

2. My good friend Kristy gave us 2 sleep sacks for Nate. I just love them!! He can kick and move around, and it keeps him warm all night.

3. My friend Shana gave us a great gift - a nursing stool! It is great to assist in breastfeeding, and helpful for a short girl like me!

4. Triple Nipple Cream! I got this prescription from my doc - and it was great to help in those first few months as Nate and I got comfortable feeding.

5. I think one of the best things is our Tivo. What else can I do when I'm feeding Nate at 4 am? And all that Olympics I got to watch!!!

So, what are your favorite products?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

3 months

Nate is 3 months old today!! Yea!! We love you sooo much sweetie!

Please pray...

My good friend Paula was induced this morning with her baby boy #2. Please pray for a quick and safe delivery and healthy momma and baby. Happy pushing Paula!