Tuesday, October 28, 2008

16 weeks...

We've had a busy week this week. Went to the Texas Alliance for Life Annual benefit dinner, met our godson Joshua, spent the weekend in Aggieland, and welcomed little Violet to the Church!

Nate did really well at his first benefit dinner. We helped out the afternoon of, and Nate sure had fun being carried around in the Baby Bjorn. He was ready to go home when it was over...and cried the whole way!

We were able to meet our new godson on Friday, little Joshua Ignatius! What a cutie! We are sure honored to be your godparents!

Kelly neni joined us for a weekend in College Station. We unfortunately were outscored by Texas Tech, but had fun watching the game at the MSC. There was a reunion at the Catholic Center there for those who graduated in the '90's. I sure felt like a small family - most had 4 or 5 kids, and even one family had 9 (or was it 10). My parents also came down, and they had fun hanging out with Nate. He did great, especially not eating in the same place twice ;-)

Monday, our little friend Violet was baptized. She is just 10 weeks younger than Nate, and the developmental changes are amazing. Some days I feel he is the same as when I brought him home, but when I see a new baby, you sure can see the differences!

Nate has also found his new favorite toy - my hand! He loves sucking on my fingers! And he loves to try each one, up and down. No need for any fancy toys ;-)

We also had our first nail clipper injury. You know what I'm talking about, your clip too close, and then the poor finger won't stop bleeding. As a first-time mom I called Ry and he rushed home. Even thought about taking him to the emergency room. It finally subsided, and now you can't tell which finger I clipped. From now on Ry does the trimmings. How do y'all handle this?

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