Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 weeks...

Okay, Nate is now 3 months old! yea! And has he changed!!! My goodness! I think this week has been the most dramatic yet!! Nate is now playing with his hands. He is grabbing things, holding things, reaching for things, and always seems to find a open hand to put into his mouth. He's also beginning to put himself to sleep too! It is crazy how much he has changed over the past 3 months.

We've also started to use the cloth diapers. For y'all who use them, how do you store them before you wash 'em? I'm trying to figure that out so they won't stink up his room.

This week:
Day 91 - Nate has found my rings and started grabbing at them. Boy loves diamonds and gold!
Day 92 - Happy 3 month birthday Nate!! Nate's working lots more with his hands (including wanting to play with mine).
Day 93 - Nate slept 10 hours!! yea! Also met baby Sam!
Day 94 - Nana and Papa are visiting this weekend and me and Ry had a date night! yea! Papa also loves to play rocket and has taught Nate how to take his pacifier out of his mouth...but not put in back in yet :-)
Day 95 - Exploding diaper at church! Thank goodness we had another outfit. Nate also put himself to sleep tonight.
Day 96 - We had fun today laughing! Yes laughing!! Also decided to try using the cloth diapers and used them all day today. Just need to figure out a way to store them before I wash 'em.
Day 97 - Nate put himself to sleep during both of his naps! Also the Krystinik's came over for dinner and brought Nate a super-cute taggy blanket. Went to lunch with Kelly neni too!

And the photos:
Big eyes

Oh baby!

Us with Mrs. Lange and newborn Sam

the family on Nate 3 month birthday

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Sharon said...

We put our cloth diapers in a sealed trash can (one of those Simple Human brand). I line the plastic inner bin with a netted laundry bag. When I wash, I just pull out the bag instead of the whole inner bin. It has worked well for us for the last almost 4.5 years.