Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4 weeks...

Well, we have been adjusting to our routine (well, maybe just spending time together) this week. Nate has been battling a little congestion, and mom has gotten some visitors too! I did start pumping this week too (thanks Kathryn for your pump), and it was a little hard for me to be there when Ry fed Nate the first time.

I am totally amazed by you parents out there! I am still really exhausted most days - I can't see how I could do this and take care of other kids, cook, etc. Ry has only cooked 1 of my frozen meals since we got home. We have been truly blessed by such great friends who have taken care of us! Special thanks to Kim, Rowena, Sharon, Shana, Robin, Christina, Kristy, Linda, Shelley and Danielle who have provided us meals! It has been wonderful!!

Week 4 update:
Day 21 - Nate is starting to hold his head up, especially when placed on Daddy's chest. I call it the turtle. Also, spent most of the day cuddling - our "mommy hold me" day.
Day 22 - We tried to venture to take Nate out to dinner tonight. Got all dressed up, and had our giftcard in hand (thanks Justin and Danielle), but when we got to Chili's we got nervous and just got dinner to go. Still yummy!!
Day 23 - When Nate and I were walking up the stairs, he had the pacifier in his mouth, but when we go to the top, it was in his hand. Yea! Nate held his first item!! And special thanks to Shelley, Darrel and Kayla - we loved our Chuy's fajitas for dinner!!
Day 24 - Nana and Papa came to visit for the weekend from Waco. Nate is focusing more on faces (not just the edges) and is cooing and making more sounds! Yea Nate!
Day 25 - Nate kissed Mommy!! It was super cute! Our congestion started last night, so that was a little hard. Also noticed that his tear ducts seem to be working now too - so hard to see your son tear up! We also had a diaper explosion and milk eruption today!
Day 26 - Since we are still congested, we stayed on the couch most of the day. Nate is cooing and smiling more!
Day 27 - Yea, Mommy has visitors!! Rowena, Dustin and Henry come to visit! We had a great time chatting and catching up. Henry is 1 month older than Nate, so it was interesting to see how much Nate will change in the next month. I also pumped for the first time today and Nate got his first bottle. Special thanks to Sharon who brought us dinner! Great pizza!!

With Nana and Papa

Napping with momma

Nate and his pacifier

Momma, Henry, Rowena and Nate

Nuzzled up with daddy (Nate pushed himself on Ry's hands so he could get up to this position)

Reading stories with Dad (not sure who is having more fun, Nate or Ry)

Hanging out with Daddy

Friday, July 25, 2008

3 weeks...

Wow, time is flying by!! This has been a harder week for me and Nate, since Ry has gone back to work. It's wonderful that he was able to spend 2 full weeks with us, and help in the adjustment of our new family. Nate is growing lots, becoming much more aware of his surroundings and gaining much control over his head, arms and legs. This boy is getting strong!

First, Nate had his 2 week appointment on Wednesday, July 16. He made it up to his birthweight! Yea! Back to 8 pounds!! Now now more waking him up to feed at night!! What a relief! He has been sleeping more that 3 hours in a stretch at night (even going up to 5 even almost 6 hours between feedings), so that has been helpful to our sanity. He also grew 1 1/4 inches, pushing him to 20 3/4 inches! I'm glad we don't grow that fast now - I would be huge.

I also had my check for my c-section scar with my doc on the 16th as well. All looks good and I'm healing as I should. When I asked my doc when I could return to driving, he said 3 MORE weeks!! This is due to healing of the scar and how he doesn't want it to impair my driving and reaction time. 3 MORE WEEKS!!! This means I won't be driving until after my birthday!! Momma is going to go stir crazy soon, if not already!!

Week 3 update:
Day 14 - 2 week check-up, growing like a weed!!
Day 15 - Daddy's first day back to work! Comes back home for lunch! Yea! Turned his head for the first time during tummy time and we introduced the pacifier (and he loved it). Spent most of the day cuddling on the couch. Thanks to Christina for bringing us dinner tonight!
Day 16 - Stuck out tongue for the first time. Not sure if it was an accident or on command...
Day 17 - First outing! Went to Linen's and Things and Target. Had to head home fast - Nate was hungry. Special thanks to Nana and Papa to assist! Also, Tessa neni stopped by for a visit on her way between San Antonio and Ft. Worth. Whoop!
Day 18 - During tummy time tonight he rolled from his tummy to his back, and a few minutes later from his back to his tummy. Kinda surprised himself too!
Day 19 - Seriously, we heard him laugh today! Really! Soo cute!!
Day 20 - Nate's not a teenager (well, in days) anymore, but did start getting some of that teenage-like acne! Hope it clears up soon!!

Just a few photos:
Getting ready to go in the car... or as Ry tells Nate, getting ready for take-off

Nate and Uncle Justin, his godfather

Playing with Mommy as we wait in the pediatrician's office

Sleeping on Daddy's lap

Monday, July 21, 2008

two weeks...

Well, this week has been a whirlwind for our family! We have been adjusting to having Nate a part of our family, late night feedings, his circumcision, baptism and host of family and friends visiting.

Some interesting things we have had to deal with is our lack of sleep. Feeding every few hours gets taxing our minds and bodies! For example, both Ry and I have had a few "hallucinations" - first he thought Nate was in his pillow, but it was really his arm behind it. Ry also thought that Nate was in bed with us and couldn't find him, but he was just in his bassinet. Another night Ry woke me up to feed Nate and found me breast-feeding my pillow. I couldn't understand why he wanted me to feed him again (and I thought I was finally getting the hang of it - Nate my pillow did such a good job!).

We've also been blessed with lots of meals this week from friends! Thank you! My friend Sharon set up an on-line calendar for us, Care Calendar, and it is an easy way to organize meals and all. If you are interested, I'll send you our log-in info so you can check it out!

I've been trying to note Nate's daily achievements! I can't believe he is growing soo fast!

July 9 (day 7) - Nate did his first "super stretch" - arms and legs at the same time. He also did his first crazy, mega spit-up that scared Mommy.
Day 8 - Nate is circumcised. He did a great job, although I had to leave the waiting room since I could hear him crying. We also noted his first real smile today. Nate also meets my dad, Grandpa, today!
Day 9 - one thing to note with circumcised boys - they are much more sensitive down there. Nate squirted the changing table and wall twice! Nate also met his great-grandma (Dedi-Mama), my aunt and uncle from Hawaii, my cousin, her husband and Nate's 2nd cousin Emma from New Zealand, and Ted bacsi today! The reunion is beginning! We also met with a lactation consultant today and Nate is doing a great job nursing and latching on, as well as I am creating enough milk for him too!
Day 10 - Nate is baptized! We had a great group of friends and family to celebrate this great event. Will devote a posting this weekend to include photos and a recap of the special day.
Day 11 - Nate begins to hold his head up. This is especially noticeable when you are holding him on your shoulder.
Day 12 - Nate turns his head. We noticed this when Daddy was holding Nate and he was following Mommy as she was going through the room! Yea!
Day 13 - One thing Nate has learned from his cousin Emma is how to kick. Boy, his legs are getting strong and he loves to kick, especially when I'm trying to get him to nurse.

Will post more about the baptism and weekend of family. Sorry for the delay...feels like these last few days I've been trying to catch up on sleep and all from the weekend! Seriously, it has taken me 72 hours to finish this post! And I can't believe today is is Nate's last "teenage" day - 19 days old today!!

Here are a few special photos from this past week!

Me, Nate, my cousin Julie and her daughter Emma

Stephen bacsi, Nate, Matt bacsi (Julie's husband) and Emma

Nate and his Dedimama (great-grandmother - our Hungarian name for her)

Nate and my dad, Grandpa

Emma and my sister Tessa

Nate and my brother, Ted bacsi

Nate and his great-grandparents from Ry's side (came down from Pennsylvania)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

1 week old...

Well, I can't believe Nathan has been with us an entire week now. It has just flown by! I used to spend so much time updating this blog, checking email, etc. but with his 3 hour eating schedule, seems like my free time is at a premium. Note: the 3 hour schedule is the max he should go between feedings. I'm also feeding on demand, as needed, but trying to figure out his hunger cues, and not that he is wet, needs to burp, etc.

I'm working now on his birth story. Let's just say, it didn't go according to plan. I had a long labor, and actually ended up having to have a c-section. If you are interested in the full story, let me know.

I also wanted to explain why we named our son Nathan. I've always loved the name, and when doing research on names, found out that Nathan means "God has given". We didn't think anything would be more perfect. His middle name is James, just like his dad and grandpa. I also found out that Nathaniel was another name for the apostle Bartholomew. St. Philip the Apostle brought Bartholomew/Nathaniel to meet and follow Jesus. The first child we conceived and lost to miscarriage we named Philip Gabriel. How interesting is that!

Here are some highlights and photos from the week! Please keep Nate in your prayers tomorrow as he has his circumcision and on Saturday evening when he will be baptized and welcomed into the Catholic Church. Hopefully it won't take a week until the next post...

highlights -
July 2 - Nathan is born!! yea! After almost 14 hours of labor we are able to meet our son!! nana and papa Dobson, mama Thibodeau, Tessa neni (aunt), Stephen bacsi (uncle), aunt Danielle and uncle Justin are there to meet our son!!
July 3 - Nate's first latch. Mommy and Daddy make it through the first day with the great help of our nurses at the hospital. They were great!! Mrs. K and Mrs. Bratten and Benjamin come to visit.
July 4 - great nursing day! first holiday - happy independence day! A special thanks to the Gretencord family who brought Daddy lunch (and dinner). Yum!
July 5 - was able to nurse without breast shield. We also get discharged from the hospital. Thanks to aunt Danielle and uncle Justin for helping us load the cars with all our loot, as well as help us when we got home. Loved the decorations! And Nana Dobson - thanks for spiffing up the house - it is beautiful!! Mommy and Daddy are also too nervous to let Nate sleep in the pack 'n' play, so he comfy sleeps between us!
July 6 - we notice that Nate is blinking! also meets great-grandma and grandpa McAninch. Tonight he spends his first night in his pack 'n' play! yea!
July 7 - first doctor's appointment. pediatrician asks if Nate has started sucking his thumb. Had not at that point, but started that afternoon! Also, mom's milk finally comes in!!
July 8 - modesty strikes! Nate loves to cross his legs when having his diaper changed - another challenge!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nathan James Dobson

Our little Pumpkin, Nathan James Dobson, was welcomed into our arms last night, July 2nd, at 9:17 pm. He weighed in at a hefty 8 pounds at a mighty 19 1/2 inches long. Mom and Dad had quite an adventure bringing this little one into the world -- hence the delay in posting. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers! Mom and Nate are doing great now, albeit a bit tired. Dad is keeping the family together.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

off to the hospital...

We are off to the hospital! Check-in is at 6, induction at 8. Not sure how long this will take, so it may be early evening or tomorrow when Ry posts something here.

Please keep all 3 of us, the doctors and nurses in your prayers! We can't meet you little pumpkin...just a few more hours!

St. Gerard, pray for us.
St. Gianna, pray for us.
Mary our Mother, pray for us.
All you saints in heaven (who aren't too busy), pray for us ;-).

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

D + 12 or I - 1...

We got to try out the amenities at the hospital yesterday... Due to being late, we had a few extra tests, especially for my rising blood pressure. I really think my doc wanted me to go since I was in such a good mood :-)

Going back in today for another test, and if there is still no progression we are on for tomorrow (6 am, really?). Then 24 hours from now I will be induced waiting for this baby to come! yea!! I can't believe it! It is almost here!

Thanks again for all of you who read this blog and pray for our family. Hopefully the hospital has wi-fi and Ry can update here soon tomorrow!

Just another day until we meet our little child, our little miracle...