Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4 weeks...

Well, we have been adjusting to our routine (well, maybe just spending time together) this week. Nate has been battling a little congestion, and mom has gotten some visitors too! I did start pumping this week too (thanks Kathryn for your pump), and it was a little hard for me to be there when Ry fed Nate the first time.

I am totally amazed by you parents out there! I am still really exhausted most days - I can't see how I could do this and take care of other kids, cook, etc. Ry has only cooked 1 of my frozen meals since we got home. We have been truly blessed by such great friends who have taken care of us! Special thanks to Kim, Rowena, Sharon, Shana, Robin, Christina, Kristy, Linda, Shelley and Danielle who have provided us meals! It has been wonderful!!

Week 4 update:
Day 21 - Nate is starting to hold his head up, especially when placed on Daddy's chest. I call it the turtle. Also, spent most of the day cuddling - our "mommy hold me" day.
Day 22 - We tried to venture to take Nate out to dinner tonight. Got all dressed up, and had our giftcard in hand (thanks Justin and Danielle), but when we got to Chili's we got nervous and just got dinner to go. Still yummy!!
Day 23 - When Nate and I were walking up the stairs, he had the pacifier in his mouth, but when we go to the top, it was in his hand. Yea! Nate held his first item!! And special thanks to Shelley, Darrel and Kayla - we loved our Chuy's fajitas for dinner!!
Day 24 - Nana and Papa came to visit for the weekend from Waco. Nate is focusing more on faces (not just the edges) and is cooing and making more sounds! Yea Nate!
Day 25 - Nate kissed Mommy!! It was super cute! Our congestion started last night, so that was a little hard. Also noticed that his tear ducts seem to be working now too - so hard to see your son tear up! We also had a diaper explosion and milk eruption today!
Day 26 - Since we are still congested, we stayed on the couch most of the day. Nate is cooing and smiling more!
Day 27 - Yea, Mommy has visitors!! Rowena, Dustin and Henry come to visit! We had a great time chatting and catching up. Henry is 1 month older than Nate, so it was interesting to see how much Nate will change in the next month. I also pumped for the first time today and Nate got his first bottle. Special thanks to Sharon who brought us dinner! Great pizza!!

With Nana and Papa

Napping with momma

Nate and his pacifier

Momma, Henry, Rowena and Nate

Nuzzled up with daddy (Nate pushed himself on Ry's hands so he could get up to this position)

Reading stories with Dad (not sure who is having more fun, Nate or Ry)

Hanging out with Daddy

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Kathryn said...

Has it really been a month? So glad the pumping is going well! Remember, most of us veteran parents got our kiddos one at a time. No superhero powers included :-)