Monday, July 21, 2008

two weeks...

Well, this week has been a whirlwind for our family! We have been adjusting to having Nate a part of our family, late night feedings, his circumcision, baptism and host of family and friends visiting.

Some interesting things we have had to deal with is our lack of sleep. Feeding every few hours gets taxing our minds and bodies! For example, both Ry and I have had a few "hallucinations" - first he thought Nate was in his pillow, but it was really his arm behind it. Ry also thought that Nate was in bed with us and couldn't find him, but he was just in his bassinet. Another night Ry woke me up to feed Nate and found me breast-feeding my pillow. I couldn't understand why he wanted me to feed him again (and I thought I was finally getting the hang of it - Nate my pillow did such a good job!).

We've also been blessed with lots of meals this week from friends! Thank you! My friend Sharon set up an on-line calendar for us, Care Calendar, and it is an easy way to organize meals and all. If you are interested, I'll send you our log-in info so you can check it out!

I've been trying to note Nate's daily achievements! I can't believe he is growing soo fast!

July 9 (day 7) - Nate did his first "super stretch" - arms and legs at the same time. He also did his first crazy, mega spit-up that scared Mommy.
Day 8 - Nate is circumcised. He did a great job, although I had to leave the waiting room since I could hear him crying. We also noted his first real smile today. Nate also meets my dad, Grandpa, today!
Day 9 - one thing to note with circumcised boys - they are much more sensitive down there. Nate squirted the changing table and wall twice! Nate also met his great-grandma (Dedi-Mama), my aunt and uncle from Hawaii, my cousin, her husband and Nate's 2nd cousin Emma from New Zealand, and Ted bacsi today! The reunion is beginning! We also met with a lactation consultant today and Nate is doing a great job nursing and latching on, as well as I am creating enough milk for him too!
Day 10 - Nate is baptized! We had a great group of friends and family to celebrate this great event. Will devote a posting this weekend to include photos and a recap of the special day.
Day 11 - Nate begins to hold his head up. This is especially noticeable when you are holding him on your shoulder.
Day 12 - Nate turns his head. We noticed this when Daddy was holding Nate and he was following Mommy as she was going through the room! Yea!
Day 13 - One thing Nate has learned from his cousin Emma is how to kick. Boy, his legs are getting strong and he loves to kick, especially when I'm trying to get him to nurse.

Will post more about the baptism and weekend of family. Sorry for the delay...feels like these last few days I've been trying to catch up on sleep and all from the weekend! Seriously, it has taken me 72 hours to finish this post! And I can't believe today is is Nate's last "teenage" day - 19 days old today!!

Here are a few special photos from this past week!

Me, Nate, my cousin Julie and her daughter Emma

Stephen bacsi, Nate, Matt bacsi (Julie's husband) and Emma

Nate and his Dedimama (great-grandmother - our Hungarian name for her)

Nate and my dad, Grandpa

Emma and my sister Tessa

Nate and my brother, Ted bacsi

Nate and his great-grandparents from Ry's side (came down from Pennsylvania)


Kristen said...

Alexis, you look so great! That is so funny about the crazy sleep stuff...I totally understand! Keep up the good work, Momma...and how funny to see Julia after all of these years...I guess she finally settled down?!

Shelley said...

Glad that ya'll are doing well. The sleep does get better... and then will get worse again... and then it will get better. It's hard, but it is more than worth it! We are bringing dinner on Friday, so let me know if you have any special requests...

Amber said...

Oh my goodness, I remember the hallucinations! Once Chuck woke me up to feed Aurora, and I said "What? I'm already feeding her." Nope. I also had many times where I woke up trying to find her in bed, when she was really in the bassinet. The sleep does get better - and I'm hoping it doesn't get worse again!

Kristy said...

Glad we got to see y'all last weekend!