Friday, July 25, 2008

3 weeks...

Wow, time is flying by!! This has been a harder week for me and Nate, since Ry has gone back to work. It's wonderful that he was able to spend 2 full weeks with us, and help in the adjustment of our new family. Nate is growing lots, becoming much more aware of his surroundings and gaining much control over his head, arms and legs. This boy is getting strong!

First, Nate had his 2 week appointment on Wednesday, July 16. He made it up to his birthweight! Yea! Back to 8 pounds!! Now now more waking him up to feed at night!! What a relief! He has been sleeping more that 3 hours in a stretch at night (even going up to 5 even almost 6 hours between feedings), so that has been helpful to our sanity. He also grew 1 1/4 inches, pushing him to 20 3/4 inches! I'm glad we don't grow that fast now - I would be huge.

I also had my check for my c-section scar with my doc on the 16th as well. All looks good and I'm healing as I should. When I asked my doc when I could return to driving, he said 3 MORE weeks!! This is due to healing of the scar and how he doesn't want it to impair my driving and reaction time. 3 MORE WEEKS!!! This means I won't be driving until after my birthday!! Momma is going to go stir crazy soon, if not already!!

Week 3 update:
Day 14 - 2 week check-up, growing like a weed!!
Day 15 - Daddy's first day back to work! Comes back home for lunch! Yea! Turned his head for the first time during tummy time and we introduced the pacifier (and he loved it). Spent most of the day cuddling on the couch. Thanks to Christina for bringing us dinner tonight!
Day 16 - Stuck out tongue for the first time. Not sure if it was an accident or on command...
Day 17 - First outing! Went to Linen's and Things and Target. Had to head home fast - Nate was hungry. Special thanks to Nana and Papa to assist! Also, Tessa neni stopped by for a visit on her way between San Antonio and Ft. Worth. Whoop!
Day 18 - During tummy time tonight he rolled from his tummy to his back, and a few minutes later from his back to his tummy. Kinda surprised himself too!
Day 19 - Seriously, we heard him laugh today! Really! Soo cute!!
Day 20 - Nate's not a teenager (well, in days) anymore, but did start getting some of that teenage-like acne! Hope it clears up soon!!

Just a few photos:
Getting ready to go in the car... or as Ry tells Nate, getting ready for take-off

Nate and Uncle Justin, his godfather

Playing with Mommy as we wait in the pediatrician's office

Sleeping on Daddy's lap


Amber said...

Sweet boy. How is he turning over already!? You're going to need to get that on video ;)

Kristen said... glad you are enjoying him! Hang in there..I think I would go stir crazy too!!!

Kristy said...

He's starting to look like his mom and dad :)