Wednesday, October 28, 2009

15 months...

So, before Nate turns 16 months, I should get this done. For some reason, I didn't think we did much, and then I saw that we took tons of photos! enjoy!

One word for Month 15 - walking! First, the hesitant walk, then the comfortable walk and now almost running! We were counting his steps for a bit, but he walks too much now!

We also started sign language class this month with My Smart Hands. This uses American Sign Language (ASL) and gear it to kids with songs and all. It is a small class - only 4 kids - and the teacher brings her son. Nate is leaning a few words - like please, more and banana, and I'm learning lots too!

We went to Austin Children's Museum with the Nicholson's for their Baby Bloomers day (for those under 3) and Nate's expression when we walked in was "why have you been holding out on me mom!"

Football season has begun! We've enjoyed our fair share of Cowboys and Steelers games! And I think he really does enjoy 'em!

Some firsts:
  • fell asleep in his high chair when I was cleaning up after lunch
  • first race in a box car (thank to Tessa neni)
  • playing with Ry at a playground (we've been several times but we've never taken Dad)
  • actually playing with Thomas!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


If y'all could keep us in your prayers - I came home yesterday to find my back door kicked in. Called the police from the neighbor's house and found out that they stole our brand new tv, blue ray player, wii and my sister's computer! They came through the fence behind our house (5 panels had been taken off) and kicked in the door with the dead bolt locked.

We are fine, just really shaken up. The good news is Charlie our dog didn't run away!

what a day! criminals suck!

if y'all have any recommendations on a good alarm system company, please share. That's the only advice the police gave me to ward this off in the future.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

swine flu?

Tonight I had a little emotional breakdown. No, nothing to go see a professional about, but it did come to light how my life has really changed in 15 months.

I've had a little cough, been tired and just run down. I'm super afraid of getting the swine flu. I know that it can be cured and all, but all these stories of people dying from it scare me to death. I am scared to leave my son without a mother. I know, kinda morbid. But 2 years ago, I wouldn't have been this way. But here I am, someone's mother. Someone depends on me.

2 years ago this month my friend Dawn died. All of a sudden. Without any warning. And her daughter was about the same age Nate is now.

I guess that is the real reason. I'm not afraid of dying - God, heaven, all that good stuff. I'm afraid of leaving those behind. Missing out on it all. Leaving behind my wonderful huband, son, family and friends.

So maybe I'll be a little more paranoid about this h1n1. I'll wash my hands, watch my symptoms, warn my husband of my little outbursts. If it helps me stay around for the little man in my life, it is worth it.

let's just hope tomorrow is better.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Small Successes - Oct. 8


Yea! Did this again!

1 - Finally fit in my "skinny jeans" and already have a pile in my closet of the "safe" clothes to get rid of. Time to purge!

2 - Finished 3 meals last night to take to friends who have recently had babies (and froze 2 for us). Meals complete with pasta, bread, homemade sauce, salad and banana bread (courtesy of my sister). Now to deliver 'em all this afternoon.

3 - Continuing on my "going with the flow" from last week, I decided not to make a "to-do" list this week and see what happens. I actually feel I have been more productive - wrote a long overdue letter, did my home blessing, laundry, etc. Will I continue this next week? Hmmm....

I was pondering what to write...trying to see if I could think of 3. Guess I was more productive than I thought!

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Monday, October 05, 2009

$47 in coupons...

is what I saved at the grocery store last week (and I didn't get the HEB meal deal or purchase items that were not on my list). I posted this on facebook and got lots of comments, so I'll share some secrets.

1 - save coupons and use all on the same day. I stocked up on a few items, and did my "big" shopping trip for the month on this trip. I still did spend about $140 (but that's about a (25% savings).

2 - lately I have been the freebie queen. I love getting things in the mail, being the first to sample items, etc. Sometimes they come with the item and a great coupon (like $2 off), or a coupon for a free item (we got 2 free boxes of tea). Here are some of my favorite sites:
3 - I've even won coupons in contests, like this one for Lean Cuisine (in which I won 7 free dinners).

4 - utilize the in-store coupons. I don't really care which toothpaste or deodorant we buy, so I'll just use whichever has a coupon.

5 - have family members save their coupons. My mom had a stack of 'em waiting for us when we came to visit.

6 - put a dot next to the items on your list that you have a coupon for in your stack.

Hope this helps! What suggestions do you have in saving money with coupons at the grocery store? Next week I'll try to post how to save money without coupons...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Small Successes - Oct. 1


Seems like I missed this in September, but can easily start again!

1 - Went to my first Zumba class last night! yea! Been meaning to go for ages, and finally found a class. This may just be where you can find me on Wednesday nights!

2 - Finally called the car insurance about 3 little cracks in the windshield. Seriously, this has been on my list for months! And they are coming to our house tomorrow to fix it! yea!

3 - I've decided this week to just "go with the flow" this week, and it has blessed me greatly. Nate and I had a spontaneous trip to storytime at the library (which we hadn't been to in ages), went on a little retreat at church, was surprised by a lunch out with my husband, went through the grocery story backwards (and saved $47 in coupons), had a great massage, and enjoyed a fun lunch with my sister. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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