Thursday, October 08, 2009

Small Successes - Oct. 8


Yea! Did this again!

1 - Finally fit in my "skinny jeans" and already have a pile in my closet of the "safe" clothes to get rid of. Time to purge!

2 - Finished 3 meals last night to take to friends who have recently had babies (and froze 2 for us). Meals complete with pasta, bread, homemade sauce, salad and banana bread (courtesy of my sister). Now to deliver 'em all this afternoon.

3 - Continuing on my "going with the flow" from last week, I decided not to make a "to-do" list this week and see what happens. I actually feel I have been more productive - wrote a long overdue letter, did my home blessing, laundry, etc. Will I continue this next week? Hmmm....

I was pondering what to write...trying to see if I could think of 3. Guess I was more productive than I thought!

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JJ's Mom said...

Great job this week! What a great feeling to purge the "safe" clothes. I'm jealous - and motivated!

Roxanna said...

Congratulations for fitting into your skinny jeans! Good job! ;)