Wednesday, October 28, 2009

15 months...

So, before Nate turns 16 months, I should get this done. For some reason, I didn't think we did much, and then I saw that we took tons of photos! enjoy!

One word for Month 15 - walking! First, the hesitant walk, then the comfortable walk and now almost running! We were counting his steps for a bit, but he walks too much now!

We also started sign language class this month with My Smart Hands. This uses American Sign Language (ASL) and gear it to kids with songs and all. It is a small class - only 4 kids - and the teacher brings her son. Nate is leaning a few words - like please, more and banana, and I'm learning lots too!

We went to Austin Children's Museum with the Nicholson's for their Baby Bloomers day (for those under 3) and Nate's expression when we walked in was "why have you been holding out on me mom!"

Football season has begun! We've enjoyed our fair share of Cowboys and Steelers games! And I think he really does enjoy 'em!

Some firsts:
  • fell asleep in his high chair when I was cleaning up after lunch
  • first race in a box car (thank to Tessa neni)
  • playing with Ry at a playground (we've been several times but we've never taken Dad)
  • actually playing with Thomas!

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Ryan D said...

Yeah! What a busy month!!!