Saturday, November 07, 2009

the devil vs. us

Ryan and I have been talking lately on how the devil seems to be attacking our family. From stresses at work, our home broken into and the trials of stay-at-mom-dom, it seems that he is working extra hard. When this happens you seem to question everything - your vocation, your love, your security.

But the last couple days I think we are fighting back. Our home is now protected, and we've been able to discuss these difficult issues that seem to hide in the shadows. That's where he likes to lurk, you know.

So devil, I know you are out there. There must be something great in store for our family, since you are fighting soo hard. But you will not win!! We are fighting back and you better watch out!


Kristy said...

What a great way to look at it all. I think I often feel that I'm not feeling the graces God is giving to get me thru the day, but I've not often considered the darkness that's lurking that's trying to keep me distracted from all that He gives. Hope things are looking up!

Ryan D said...

Awesome, honey!

Mary said...

God be with you both! =) We are victorious through Christ, ALWAYS! You better watch out, devil! We'll be praying for you as well!

Sharon said...

We started putting blessed St. Benedict medals above all our doors and blessing our house with Holy Water. When a St. Benedict medal falls it means that evil is present. And the medal's inscriptions actually ward off Satan.