Friday, November 20, 2009

my knight in shining armor came...

and swept me off my feet yesterday! Nate had a difficult night the evening before, so momma had one too! He woke up sick, and I could feel a migraine coming on. I tried to go to my mom's prayer group, but made it to Starbucks instead. I called Ry on the way back. Crying. I can't do this. Can you come home for lunch?

So, we made it home, and were settling to watch a little Law & Order, and who walks in? My knight, my husband. He sweeps Nate away, and tells me to rest a bit. I laid down for about an hour, and woke up a new mom. It's amazing how a little rest, and a little peppermint mocha make everything better.

Thank you, my beloved husband. You truly saved me yesterday!! I love you!!


Ryan D said...

You are welcome, by beautiful bride.

Roxanna said...

You two are so sweet!

I'm glad you're feeling better Alexis. I hope you had fun at the mom's night out last night.