Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sweet 16 months...

okay, he's about 16 1/2 months now...

Let's see, what is Nate doing... walking, running, climbing, cleaning, eating, sleeping, playing, sweeping...guess that is about it! Oh, and there is super Nate (complete with dish cloth cape and rag in hand). He also found a new hiding spot, by the bookshelves in the living room.

One thing we've noticed this month is that his hair is growing. finally! I may have to trim some hairs by Christmas! He's also using more sign language, and Mama got him set on how to go to bed. yea!!

October was chock-ful of playdates, classes, visits from the fam, winery tour, Halloween parties (3!), and birthday parties!!

For Halloween Nate did have 2 costumes this year - his skeleton costume (also pj's) and his swat officer costume (like us). We went trick-or-treating with the neighbors and another family...and Nate got the hang of it after a few houses. By the last one he was knocking on the door and grabbing handfuls of candy! We have tons of Halloween photos, I think I'll post 'em separately.

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