Thursday, October 22, 2009


If y'all could keep us in your prayers - I came home yesterday to find my back door kicked in. Called the police from the neighbor's house and found out that they stole our brand new tv, blue ray player, wii and my sister's computer! They came through the fence behind our house (5 panels had been taken off) and kicked in the door with the dead bolt locked.

We are fine, just really shaken up. The good news is Charlie our dog didn't run away!

what a day! criminals suck!

if y'all have any recommendations on a good alarm system company, please share. That's the only advice the police gave me to ward this off in the future.


Jenn Kulle said...

Wow! I am glad that y'all were not home and that Charlie didn't run away. I know how vulnerable I felt when our car was broken into, I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through right now. Luckily homeowners insurance will cover most of it.


Amber and Aurora said...

I came home today and my big TV isn't working... thanks for putting that into perspective for me.

Brenda said...

That is just terrible. It could have been much worse, but still... makes you feel so violated. Praying for comfort.