Thursday, April 15, 2010

21 months!

One word can describe this month - my son is a talker!  yea!!  He is communicating and we love it!  He's also doing well on his chores - unloading and loading the washer and dryer, unloading the dishwasher, bringing in the groceries, and taking his wet diapers to the trash.  He also loves to help me sweep the floor, although he likes to spread my dirt piles around.

We have had fun with friends, dinners out, visited with family and went to a wedding. Nana had a birthday too! I even climbed to the top of the chick-fil-a playground and went down the slide.  twice!  We've been also having fun skyping with family!  And Nate loves to amaze us by walking backward!!  We've enjoyed march madness - any ball game Nate likes (even european soccer!).

And his words!  We had to write them down!!  His favorite is Zoe - the dog next door.  zoe, zoe, zoe, zoe....

His spoken words include: apple, ba ball (basketball), baby, ball, bi (bird), bread, ca (car), Cha-lee (Charlie), che (cheese), co-ey (cookie) daddy, diry (dirty), doggy, eye, football, Hannah, hat, jello, juis (juice), mama, mo (more), mommy, nana, nice, night night, no, no (nose), papa, teda neni (tessa neni), tree, up, wa wa (water), and zoe (dog next door).

His signed words include:  all done, apple, aunt, baby, ball, bath, bird, book, bread, brush teeth, car, carrot, cat, cereal, cheese, cookie, daddy, diaper, dog, eat/hungry, grapes, hat, ice cream, light milk, more, no, noodle/pasta, please, sleepy, toast, up, wash hands, water, and yes.



Meredith said...

Beautiful bridal couple... ;) Don't forget to post those pics on our flickr if you get a chance!

Amber said...

Awwwww, what a sweetie! I love his hair. Aurora is obsessed with washing her hands and helping wash the dishes. It's so funny!