Friday, April 09, 2010

7 quick takes (3rd edition)

* 1 *
I am happy that I am able to do this again!  Last week being holy week, and both my boys sick - it was a doozy!  Didn't really have any time alone...

* 2 *
Nate was sick this week.  And more than ever I truly feel that I'm living the vocation God wants for me.  Even though it was hard, I was happy to sit beside my son, and hold him all day long.  I didn't have to worry about bills, chores, or work.  That was my job!  I married a great man who gives me the opportunity to do this.  Thank you Ryan!

* 3 *
We finally purchased the plants for our backyard and actually agreed on a plan.  Nana and I planted about half today and the rest will hopefully get done this weekend.

* 4 *
I've been having fun trying to cook the new veggies I got in my farmhouse bushel.  The lettuce and carrots weren't too hard - but beets and turnip greens!  I think they turned out pretty good, though.

* 5 *
I was able to have some adult interaction this week to at the TAL lunch.  I heard a great speaker talk about using adult stem cells in spine surgeries to make them better.  amazing!  And time with friends and former co-workers made it extra nice!

* 6 *
I've been touched in a great way this week how our friends and family have reached out and helped us during Nate and Ry's sickness these past couple weeks.  We are blessed!

* 7 * 
I finally watched Food Inc. last week.  I truly feel that movie is changing my life.  It has changed how I view companies, food, how we treat animals and much more.  It has been all I can talk about for days now.  I'm excited to go to the Round Rock Farmer's Market tomorrow and stock up on veggies, meats, and breads.  Just want to find more ways to make changes to our family.

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Rebecca said...

Coming by from Conversion Diary. Glad that your family is starting to feel better and that you were blessed to be able to take care of them when they weren't.