Sunday, June 15, 2008

4 days...Happy Father's Day!!

We've had a relaxing day today! Mass, Starbucks, HEB, and Rudy's for some BBQ. Boy was that place crowded - guess it is where all the dads wanted to be!

Ry's parents came down to celebrate the day with us. It was nice just to hang out and relax. Even found more decorations for the nursery, so will have to post updated photos soon!

Ry did pretty good for his father's day! A Burn Notice dvd (he just loves the show), cute family frame with pic of us, and pic of me in one of his shirts. Next year I'll take it with our little one and we can watch how he/she grows up in daddy's clothes! It barely buttoned for me! Ry's parents gave him some baby items (car seat protector, for the new car and all, and a cute I love Daddy bib) and a nice shirt too! They even brought some food so I won't have to cook much this week! yea!

No contractions or anything. Just a bit uncomfortable, usually in the morning or at night. During the day, I seem fine, just walking much slower :-)

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Ryan Dobson said...

Thanks sweetie & Pumpkin! I had a great day!