Thursday, June 12, 2008

39 weeks...

Well, here we are - 39 weeks! Amazing!

Little pumpkin is doing well. Went to the doc (actually, just saw the nurse) yesterday and all looks good. My doc is on vacation this week, so please pray that our little one doesn't decide to make his or her entrance until at least Monday :-) Another good thing is that since I just met with the nurse, we didn't started cervical checks. yea! Will find out next week if I'm progressing. The other good news is that my sugars have been great - and now I only have to check twice a day! yea! My fingertips will be soo happy!!

As I was thinking about what to post, I wanted to remember things that are a little more difficult for me during these last few weeks of pregnancy. Most of you mommas out there will understand, so feel free to post what was hard for you.

- washing dishes (seems like the sink is soo far away)
- rolling over (seriously, I have asked Ry to help me roll over to get comfortable)
- getting comfortable to sleep (I have 5 pillows on my side, and some nights use all of 'em)
- being warm (have the fan at medium to sleep and I don't use the covers and Ry is bundled like it is winter!)
- getting up at 2 am, or 4 am, or 6 am just to go to the restroom...and sometimes more than once!
- I'm walking much slower...
- can't really bend over to pick anything up
- taking naps in the afternoon (this is a real change, but I'm getting used to it :-)
- a bit of insomnia (can't seem to sleep in)
- driving (even though we have a new car...have to move the steering wheel a little more away)
- showering (got my stool in the shower now, so that makes it better)
- walking up and down the stairs
- growing out of pregnancy clothes!
- got pregnancy brain (reading things wrong, even wrote an email to Kraft this week that their instructions were wrong for a new item I tried)
- waiting (and y'all know me, I'm a real planner)
- wondering if this day or this night will be "the time"

Thanks for all your prayers and support during our pregnancy. There are some out there I know who read this blog and have walked with us through these last several months (and even the 4 years to get to this point), then y'all "stalkers" too! Feel free to comment so I know you are out there :-)

Will try to post more often this last week (or weeks, my doc won't worry about inducing until 42 weeks). A fellow blogger Florida Wife was great at posting her last week of pregnancy, so I will try to do so too! Maybe it will ward off some calls and emails...


Kristy said...

Enjoy it all! It seems the last few weeks/days take forever b/c it's all just a challenge to basically move. I always sleep with pillows at my side now (preg or not) and am trying to figure out a better way to get out of bed in the middle of the night with that new couch... aside from switching sides of the bed (which I'm really particular about I guess). Looking forward to these posts until all the day is consumes with Pumpkin!

Kathryn said...

Just enjoy the quiet, the anticipation and the slower pace. Soon enough, God will give you a ticket to the HOV lane.

Lael said...

I recommend going to see a a theater. It's usually nice and cool in there and you can see something that is not animated!! Ahhh - I think I remember what that was like :)

June 19th is Camille's birthday! It will occasionally fall on Father's day, so that is neat.

I will certainly be checking in to read the happy news!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

This is Rachel - and I am one of your "stalkers." :)

Amber said...

I remember wanting nothing more than to sleep in a position other than on my side, and now I can only sleep on my back because my breasts get so engorged at night!!! And instead of getting up to go pee, you're getting up to feed... but it's all good :)

Ma Beck said...

How exciting!!!!

Oh, boy are you in for something AMAZING!

Hooray for babies - they are SO wonderful.