Sunday, June 22, 2008

D + 3...

Well, we have had a nice, relaxing weekend. The Round Rock Farmers' Market was fun - got some great tomatoes, basil, and mojito mint (Ry made mine a virgin - yum!). Went walking around - the market, Lowe's and Sam's, and little pumpkin is nice and cozy. I've been asked what my prediction is for this baby - I'm thinking late next week...I wish he/she would come before the 27th (my grandparents are visiting from Alaska until then), but I'm not sure. My ultrasound and charting due date is tomorrow, which I think is a much more accurate date than the LMP.

Not much on the plans for today. I kinda feel like a baby - a little activity in the morning (Mass), lunch, naptime, etc. Ry has really wanted to take me to see the Indiana Jones movie (and that worked for my friend Rowena, she had her son the next day), so we may head to the movies this afternoon.

Hopefully, if we do make it to my doc appointment on Wednesday, my doc will comment on me being un-uptight! Really working on it!!

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Lillian said...

Run!! Run!! Go see that movie!! We were at the movies the night I went into labor. After Isabelle was born it was a good 2 years before we ever went to the movies again! LOL!!

Maybe all the action packed adventure will induce labor. Either way, that movie begs to be seen on the big screen.

Can't wait to hear about your little pumpkin!!