Saturday, June 14, 2008

5 days...

Thanks for all the comments these past few days! I'm soo honored to have such great readers!

As promised, here are photos of our nursery. Still working on finishing painting the bookshelf, and trying to figure out some more artwork..

changing, nursing, rocking area

our super-cute crib, given to us by Ry's parents and the bedding by mine

the great closet Ry worked so hard on! and do you see the baptismal garment, it was first used for my aunt when she was baptized over 61 years ago!

and the entire room! the cute little aggie blanket was sent by our great friends Ray and Elizabeth, and we got it yesterday. I just love it!!

and here I am, 39 weeks preggo!

and exictedly so!

and last, my absolute favorite photo! Ry took this recently, and I just love it!!

still going to take it slow today! yesterday I spent the entire day at home! it was great!! giving myself a few days off, and then next week, well, at least my doc will be back!


Amber said...

I love the closet and the glider chair - the room looks perfect!

Lillian said...

Your nursery looks inviting and you look radiant!! Prayers for you in these last days.

Get lots of rest because you'll be tired that first month!! LOL!!

And I second the going to see a movie because after baby is born it will only be renting for a loooooong time!

Prayers are with you!!

Sharon said...

Totally cute room! I'm getting great ideas for the girls' room! :)