Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Solemnity of St. Joseph

A friend sent me a facebook event titled "Solemnity of St. Joseph is on a Friday!  I am eating MEAT!!"  I was shocked by this event.  Meat?  Friday?  this is Lent!  What is he thinking? My friend is quite the canon scholar (he worked for the Tribunal of the Diocese and now works in Rome) and this warranted further investigation.  So, I decided to search for myself.  And luckily, the Aggie Catholics found a good article from a canon lawyer.  To sum it up St. Joseph was a very important saint, so he got a solemnity, and that trumps Friday abstinence.  

So, this Friday is date night!!  We'll have to do something special (hint, hint Ryan) to celebrate the patron saint of families!  And include a few extra prayers for his intercession for our family, since we can have meat and all...

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