Thursday, March 04, 2010

20 months...

Our little boy is not just tottling around, it is a full on run!  This month included his first overnight at Nana and Papa's and he did great (mom and dad did good too).  I also tried my hand at making play-doh (and did pretty good).b  Tessa and Nate are fans.  Nate has also transitioned from his high chair to his booster seat.  I think he is enjoying sitting at the table with us.

The Olympics have been great.  Nate was sad to see football finish, but I think it was a good replacement.  Not sure what we will watch now...

We had lots of fun with the snow that came!  yea! (will post those pics separately).

chores: helping to unload dishwasher, set table (just plates), take items to the recycling, helping load and unload washer and dryer, push laundry baskets around, give Charlie a treat and sometimes feeding Charlie
new feats:  walking up and down the stairs (with some assistance), trying to do the sign of the cross, stacking his legos
spoken words: ma/mom, dada, teda, neni, nana, papa, juice, mo, football, wawa, bye bye, snow, no, charlie (cha-lee)
signed words: dad, milk, more, all done, bread, toast, banana, airplane, car, touchdown, ball, dog, cat, fish, water, please, i'm sorry, thank you, drink, light, watch


Amy said...

I'm putting Nate to work when he gets here in May ;) Sounds like he does more than my girls sometimes! Wish they were still in the "little helper" stage :( Ashleigh just started getting allowance, so she's a little more willing to help since she knows it's connected to $$$!
Anyway, sounds like he's doing great and we can't wait to hear all those words when we see you!

Jen said...

Hey, there's my baby - she's famous! What a good boy Nate is - does he want a side job?