Friday, March 26, 2010

quick takes (2nd edition)

* 1 *
Happy Birthday Nana!  Ry's mom's birthday was Monday and we went up Sunday to celebrate!  Nate has sure missed you this week!

* 2 *
Finally went bra shopping post breast-feeding!  Spent a nice evening at the outlet mall completely on myself, by myself.  Didn't even go into Carter's...

* 3 *
Had the concrete guy come out again this week.  We got him scheduled now to do our new patio next week!  yea!!  This time next week it will hopefully be done!

* 4 *
Ryan was pouring me a glass of wine for dinner this week, and Nate asked for Nana.  He was looking around for her.  I guess I don't drink enough, since Nate associates wine with her and not me!

* 5 *
My cousin closest in age to me (he's 1 month older), had a training here in Austin.  We all went out for some Texas bbq - Rudy's of course!  He loved it!

* 6 *
Nate has begun to show his appreciation to me, in some funny ways.  Both at arriving at the park and his friend Thomas' house, he let out a huge scream to let me know how excited he was.  Seriously, it was loud!

* 7 * 
Ryan is off this weekend for some fun, outdoorsy male bonding.  Have a great time, dear husband!  Return to me refreshed and ready to tackle the backyard!  I think I can handle being a single momma for the weekend!

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