Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Garden - weeks 2 and 3

Well, the garden is growing! In the past 2 weeks the squash and peas have totally sprouted! I cleared out 11 of the 13 squash plants, and have been giving them to friends and neighbors. We still have a few left, in case you want one!

We have 4 pear tomatoes growing on 1 plant. The other plants have had flowers but nothing has started to grow. Any suggestions for pear and cherry tomatoes? As you can see we put in the wire things, and they have already grown past the 1st rung!

The peppers have also had blooms, but haven't seen any grow yet.

What we thought was zucchini was another squash plant. We grew this from a plant, and it already has 8 little squash growing from it. I'm thinking of replacing on of the squash from seed and putting a zucchini plant there. I didn't even know squash had flowers - boy was that a surprise when I went to the garden this week!

The onions are growing strong. I plan to try to pick one this week to see how they are as green onions. We have lots of basil and cilantro and have been able to share those with friends, family and neighbors. Too bad there isn't rain in the forecast this week!!

Here are pics from week 2:

And here from week 3:


Meredith said...

Lookin' good Alexis!

Kristen said...

Hey, any tips on cilantro? We would love to grow it since you always get way too much at a time at the store. We have tried with no success on that one though. I would post some pics of our garden with red cabbage, squash, tomatoes and green beans, but it REALLY needs to be weeded and I am too nauseous!!! Happy gardening!