Thursday, May 07, 2009

10 months!

Our little guy is 10 months old! Yea! People told me that this would pass quickly and it has!

Let's see...what has gone on this past month... Easter, the garden, visits from Nana and Papa (as they look for a home in the area), a visit from Tessa neni, and a visit from Mama and Grandpa (and they hadn't seen Nate in 2 months!). Oh, and the car was in the shop most of the month - so we had to get creative on outings! My parents even watched him for a few hours so we could go out to dinner - the first time they had done that for us. And Nate treated them pretty well too!

Developmentally Nate has begun eating small pieces of food (puffs, cooked carrots and pears), he's waving (and sometimes with both hands - too cute!), he was spinning around and moving backward for awhile, loved playing with his bed bumper (until we moved the bed down) went down a slide for the first time, caught him putting rocks in his mouth at the park, and the week before he turned 10 months, the boy started crawling! I must clarify that it is "commando" crawling - on his tummy - but that's crawling! He's even figured how to hold the tennis ball and tease Charlie with it. Also, dog toys seem much more interesting that baby toys... I've realized too that the house isn't very child-proofed and Ry and I are working on that!

It's funny, I think most of his changes took place just before he turned 10 months. We've now realized that it is kinda hard to have him sleep with us (when he wakes up early), because he rolls and twists and moves too much!!

Seems like as months go on, I have more pics to share! Here are my top 18!
Thomas and Nate

My best boys

Tessa neni and Nate

tada - look at my food!

April photo shoot

Say ahhh Mama!

fun with rocks

playing with the Rose boys

Nate and Thomas

Nate and Grandpa - the baseball players!

Easter boys

playing with his bed bumper


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