Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1.5 years (aka, 18 months)

Well, the teen months are drawing to a close. And with them, many changes to our little one. In the last couple weeks, he has started talking, to the amazement of us all. We counted 10 words he can say so far: mama, dada, teda (for Tessa neni), nana, dog, ball, papa, all done, mo (for more) .... and his first word was football!

He's also signing lots more. He knows more, all done, milk, water, tuto (for his pacifier), cheese, noodle, banana, bye, and touchdown.

We've done lots of stuff - Stephen bacsi visited for a week (hadn't seen Nate since the summer) and my cousin Monica came to visit too! We also celebrated Papa's birthday.

We had lots of fun over Christmas, and Nate loved being the center of attention at both grandparents homes. We found out he likes Hershey kisses, and being held by both grandpas. He goes straight for them.

His hand/eye coordination is improving - stacking legos together, putting people in his cars, climbing on the table! He still loves music - especially songs from the Nutcracker. Another fun thing - putting boxes on our head and walking around!

Here are a few pics, and then I'll post some from Christmas.

Snow, with our neighbors in Austin
at the park with Stephen bacsi
Santa came for a visit
Tessa neni and Stephen bacsi got to meet him too!
Papa's birthday (see Nate using his spoon)
sporting Stephen bacsi's sunglasses
the cousins
at Tessa neni's work
messy dinner!!


Amy said...

Love the pictures Alexis! I've been wondering and thought I'd ask...what do neni and bacsi mean? I'm assuming aunt and uncle, but where does that come from?

Alexis D. said...

Amy, you are right. Neni is aunt and Bacsi is uncle, in Hungarian. Interesting fact - I only spoke Hungarian until I went to preschool. They had to teach my teachers some Hungarian words (like water, bathroom, etc.) because I did not know them in English.