Wednesday, September 23, 2009

race day...

For Ry's dad's 60th birthday, we gave him racing lessons at the Texas Motor Speedway with Team Texas. We couldn't let Jim do it alone, so Ry got to go for his birthday/Christmas present. We finally got it scheduled and went up labor day weekend. Ry, his dad, his mom, my mom, Tessa, our friend Damien (visiting from NJ), Nate and I were there. There were also about 80 drivers, so we were there for several hours! Ry and his dad each got to go around the lap 10 times, and raced at almost 150 mph.

Funny, Ry has now been watching some NASCAR, and following his car (they drove retired cars!). Jim was in the in Cingular 31 and Ry was in the Old Spice/Home Depot 14 (Tony Stewart's car).

Here are some photos from the event.

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Christina said...

I'm so jealous! Thanks for taking DJ off my hands! :)