Thursday, September 17, 2009

leading mommy...

A couple days ago Nate was getting agitated with me. He wanted me to hold him, then not. So, I decided to take him outside. We sat on the front porch, then we walked to the garage. He played with the door, then took my hand and kept walking - across the driveway, then the grass, across our neighbor's driveway and to their front door. I knocked on their door, and so did Nate.

Their son Eli answered and yelled "Calvin!" (their son who was due the same day as Nate) "Your best friend Nate is here!".

And that is exactly what Nate wanted. We stayed there a few minutes, played, then they had to leave. Nate was satisfied and I am trilled how he showed me what he wanted to do!

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Jenn K. said...

Your baby isn't a baby anymore. How great that he can communicate with you. Miss you guys.