Monday, September 14, 2009

14 months!

Well, the teen months are proceeding with gusto! In one word - exploring! Nate is having lots of fun crawling (he's getting much faster), and then a week before turning 14 months, he started walking. I started counting steps, and I think in a week he was up to at least 20 steps. What a mover! And what stops him - he wants to start running and his feet don't move fast enough.

What else? He's figured out how to get off the couch and our bed (on his stomach), and easily maneuver up and down the stairs. The kitchen cabinets are still lots of fun, and he loves to pull things off - like blankets off the couch or towels off the rack. He also pushes everything - bar stools, laundry baskets, his car, toy garage, etc. He's also moved away from taking a bath in his baby tub to the big boy tub (although lately he doesn't like that either).

We're doing good on chores - unloading the washer and dryer (although we are a bit confused why mom loads them), unloading the dishwasher and sweeping with the swiffer. The vacuum is a cool, it can entertain him for awhile.

Other events - my birthday, Tessa neni's graduation, Lauren and Peter's wedding, swim lessons and lots of time playing with friends.

Some favorites:
snack - baby goldfish
appliance - vacuum and washer
tv show - veggie tales
teether - frozen popsicle
game - chase

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Kristy said...

Just so cute!