Tuesday, April 07, 2009

9 months

Well, we can call this the month of family and pictures! With our visitors and vacation, I have over 400 pics to show you! Sit down for a bit...

Just kidding. Here are the best from the first half of the month. We had visitors (my cousins Allison, Monica, and Todd) who came from WA, Boston and Aggieland. Even Nana stayed over for a night. We saw Tessa neni too, but no pics - after 3 days of camping and no showers...she was a bit grimy! We also played with our friends the Lange and K boys, and saw my friend Jenn from the Valley.

This past month has been great to see how Nate reacts to new people. He's been doing quite well. I think he just likes all the attention. He's doing well on "tummy time" and spins himself around. Even rolls to get to the filing cabinet or printer stand. He's eating 3 meals a day now, and loving those Gerber puffs (aka baby crack). Standing is our new favorite past-time, as well as standing on mommy's abs. I think we've tried most of the fruits and veggies now, so we are off to try meats and milk products in the next month.

Kissing sounds are super cute, and he started waving to people - but the cool, low wave! Banging things together is lots of fun, and Nana showed him how fun it is to put your hand in water glasses. We've also got the head-cocking down (I think he learned that from Charlie) and can play for a bit on his own.

Here are the pics, part 1!
us and my friend Jenn

Nate the reader

with Allison neni, practicing the head cocking!

Sleepy Nate with my cousin Todd

playdate with the K and Lange boys (minus Christopher and Mrs. Lange)

Nate with me and my cousins Monica and Allison

My Aggie boys

Nate with Monica and her boyfriend Logan


try to get the dog and Nate is a pic...hard!

flying on mommy's legs

feed me Monica neni!

Do you like my hat?

cute feet!

cute fingers!

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KBratten said...

Precious pics Alexis :) Haven't visited here recently, gotta catch up!