Tuesday, January 30, 2007

reflection on Sean

Since many of y'all were joined in prayer for the repose of our friend Sean, I thought I would update you on the events the last 2 days.

Last night I attended the rosary. It was a beautiful liturgy, with readings, medals for the family, and stories. Some family,
Sean's flight instructor, and wives of buddies of Sean's in Iraq spoke. One of the most touching was a letter read by the wife of Sean's roommate in Iraq. He spoke about how Sean was so friendly and cheerful, carved pumpkins and put up Christmas
lights. And also how he grew his plants, and was even trying to grow some grass, even though the wind, birds, etc. were
against him. Lisa Morgan joined me at the rosary, and we also saw Nathan and Emily Swoboda, as well as many ags from his
outfit who we recognized.

The funeral mass was beautiful today. Bishop Aymond was the celebrant, with at least 5 other priests assisting. Gov. Perry
and Rep. McCaul were also in attendance. Bishop Aymond spoke of Sean's sacrifice, how when seeds are planted they are dead and then rise and bear fruit. And that is what he did! The wife of Sean's roommate also read an email her husband had sent her that morning. She said that the grass that Sean had planted had started to grow. It was 1 1/2 inches high. Even though he never thought it would grow, it has.

There were many Aggies (lots of Corps guys and gals) and members of our military. And the Church was full - and quite a
mix. People of all ages, races, and religions filled St. Elizabeth's.

When leaving the church there were members of the Corps lining the walkway to the parking lot. They stood at attention,
honoring our friend.

I did not go to the gravesite, but did watch the procession. It was lead by at least 35 members of the Patriot Guard
(www.patriotguard.org) who led on their motorcycles carrying Texas and US flags. Following that was over 100 cars in the
procession, and over 20 police officers both leading and guiding the group. Fortunately there were no protesters! It was easy to see how many lives Sean had touched and how much he will be missed.

I left a card with our spiritual bouquet for his family at the church, as well as a copy of what has been posted on the myfamily
site. In addition, some of you send stories about Sean to me, and I printed those off too.

I will miss my friend. And even though he is gone, he is still challenging me to be a better person. Thank you Sean!

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