Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, these last few days have been great to help me in recovering. I thought I was good after 2 days, but God gave me 3 more! Due to the recent Ice Storm 2007, I haven't gone to work all week. It has been nice, catching up on some reading, writing, tivo, etc. We did get a little stir crazy tonight (and low on food), so we ventured out for some pepperoni rolls - and beer! yum!

I'll probably go in tomorrow. Looks like the roads will be better after 10. Still having a bit of pain here and there (quite intermittent), so I'll try not to overextend myself. It has been interesting how I have these last few days I have overextended myself - taking too long of a bath, walking around Sam's tonight, working with the laundry, playing pool). God quickly puts me back where he wants me - resting on the couch!

Ry made a cute movie of the snow and all. Maybe he can post it up here soon!

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