Friday, May 21, 2010

7 quick takes (5th edition)

* 1 *
After a few days of his nap boycott, Nate has finally succumbed.  yea!!  Momma needs a break!

* 2 *
Made my first batch of bread last week - honey white.  Yummy!  And with my handy-dandy kitchen aid mixer it really wasn't that hard!

* 3 *
The backyard is almost done!  We have stained the patio and will hopefully seal tomorrow.  Then to transplant my herbs and we will be done!  

* 4 *
Went on a date with Ry last night.  I feel soo hip that I've already seen Iron Man 2!  We went to the drafthouse and had pizza and enjoyed the evening with Justin and Danielle!

* 5 *
Still working on the cooking blog.  I've been buying all our produce, eggs, and chicken from farmers' markets.  It's been a good change for our family and we are enjoying all that Central Texas has to offer.

* 6 *
I can't believe Tessa has lived with us almost a year.  She moved in Memorial Day weekend last year.  It has really flown by.  Only a couple more months until she moves out!

* 7 * 
Nate has been doing great at repeating!  You now really have to watch what you say...

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linda said...

are you a fellow austinite?
hello :)
i was hopping around the 7 takes mr. linky and found myself on yours.

hello possible austinite!

robert downey jr. is delicious.

This Heavenly Life said...

I'm so jealous that your farmer's market has chicken and eggs! Ours is still selling the most basic produce that the early season will allow, and I don't think they've EVER sold chicken. Boo :(